Posted by: Jonjon | June 10, 2009

Teacher and Jack On Opening The Heart…Not literally

June 10 2009

Teacher and Jack On Opening The Heart…Not literally

Jack “How do you open your heart?”
Teacher “You shouldn’t do it, you’ll get flattened”
Jack “What? I thought the whole purpose of being on this path is to open our path?”
Teacher “You are just not ready yet. And…for you….it’s a long way to go before you can be ready to open your heart”
Jack “Sounds like a long journey…”
Teacher “Yes…a very very long journey for you”
Jack “I think I can do it”
Teacher “Haha you crack me up…you can’t do it!!!”
Jack “…why do you think so low of me?”
Teacher “I don’t..I’m just talking from my own experience. I got quite hurt when I opened my heart up”
Jack “….but that’s you”
Teacher “I just don’t want to see you get hurt that’s all. You can open your heart if you want to, I’m sure you’ll know when to close it”
Jack “But you …never have taught me how to open my heart before?”
Teacher “..”
Jack “…I mean…hmm.. I think when you say opening your heart, it means to throw away all judgements you have on people, and to talk to them about your innermost feelings without any inhibition?”
Teacher “Something like that”
Jack “So……is there like..hmm..a step by step method of opening your heart?”
Teacher “yes”
Jack “What? So …there’s actually an instruction for it? you’ve been taught how to open your heart?”
Teacher “yes. For you it should be a gradual process, just don’t want to see you get hurt that’s all”
Jack “….but I’m not you”
Teacher “…well, i’m not stopping you from doing anything”
Jack “Alright…..I might start opening my heart to people then. Isn’t that the ultimate goal for us?? to be able to open our hearts every second of the day?”
Teacher “yes. But you’re not ready”
Jack “You always say that”
Teacher “That’s because you are just not ready….it should be a gradual one….”


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