Posted by: Jonjon | June 10, 2009

Kyle and Wise One On diseases

June 10 2009

Kyle and Wise One On diseases


Wise One “How have you been?”
Kyle “was good this morning, until my teacher made me feel so I was a stupid kid or something”
Wise One “What did he say?”
Kyle “You know, just the usual…. Saying that I’m not ready for this and that, and that I have a long way to go with alot of things”
Wise One “What do you think about it?”
Kyle “I think I’m pretty much ready”
Wise One “If you are, then you are.”
Kyle “..but he said I’m not”
Wise One “Do you think you are?”
Kyle “I am ready”
Wise One “Then you are. Don’t let him hold you back, or push you too far. Just go at your own pace alright.”
Kyle “So are you saying that I’m ready?”
Wise One “Haha…looks like you’re not too sure yourself”
Kyle “Because I don’t know what I’m ready or not ready for whatever he’s talking about! I hate being kept in the dark about these things. I guess I’m just ready…for anything…”
Wise One “It doesn’t matter what he says. Just know this. Go at your own pace. In the end, always trust yourself. It maybe good to trust your teacher, but in the end, you really have to trust yourself. Your teacher is a human being too, so he’s prone to making mistakes too”
Kyle “What….teachers can make mistakes too?”
Wise One “’s a common thing. Just trust yourself, I know you can do it”
Kyle “..but I have no idea what my purpose here is….so I have no idea if what I am doing is right or wrong..and if I am incurring any unnecessary sufferings or escaping from anything that I’m supposed to do here on here
Wise One “Listen to your heart, and trust yourself. The more you trust yourself the more clearer you’ll be in finding that purpose. You have a bit too much fear at the moment, so as soon as we get rid of those fears, then you will be able to trust yourself easier”
Kyle “…fears? Is that way you had me jumping off cliffs every night for the past three weeks in my dreams?”
Wise One “haha… weren’t supposed to remember that!!”
Kyle “…oh…haha…..but it’s hard…’s just too hard. I mean I’ve always thought that I should avoid sex in order to move forward spiritually, but then I got told today that I was supposed to have sex!! How in the world, even if I was able to release all those fears, Am I able to know what I am supposed to and not do ultimately?
Wise One “That’s when your teacher will be of usefulness to you. You will never be able to release those fears completely without going through the things that you are supposed to do .
Kyle “…..I feel like we’re going in circles here. He also said something about my foot today. Like the incurable injury on my foot was due to some kind of learning I have. He hinted at the fact that I don’t take any steps forward. But I do…oh ..I have taken so many steps forward since I met him.
Wise One “You have…you have taken many steps forward. I am proud”
Kyle “Then what did he mean?”
Wise One “I can give you a clue, it has to do with decisions”
Kyle “What…so foot related illnesses are related to decisions?”
Wise One “In your case”
Kyle “Hmm Well…I do have a problem with being indecisive”
Wise One “You’re getting quite close”
Kyle “Hmm, is it not being able to make my own decisions? But that shouldn’t be it. I don’t know. I’ve been quite decisive and I have been making my own decisions recently. If that’s the case then my illness should have gone away”
Wise One “Well….you’re getting close. But, how serious is your condition?”
Kyle “Doesn’t affect me anymore. It was pretty serious before but now..I can’t really feel it”
Wise One “Well…You’ve pretty much taken enough steps forward in order for the wound to heal to a degree where it doesn’t affect you anymore. But you still have not completely released your learning, so the injury will always be there. This is good, since it will serve as a reminder”
Kyle “Oooo…hey that makes sooo much more sense. So is it because I’m indecisive that I got this injury?”
Wise One “there’s always many reasons to one problem I am afraid”
Kyle “So why did my teacher say that there was only one problem?”
Wise One “He never said that”
Kyle “….Ohhhhh”
Wise One “Okay I have to go now. Before I go, I’ll let you dream about jumping off high places alright?”
Kyle “Umm….can I skip that?”
Wise One “Of course! But are you sure you want to?”
Kyle “…hmm…if it will help me, I guess I’ll go along with it”
Wise One “Alright! No crawling on the floor this time”
Kyle “…what…so you are actually there when this happens?”
Wise One “Yes…we are, every second of it”
Kyle “..that’s embarassing..”
Wise One “Entertaining actually”


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