Posted by: Jonjon | June 10, 2009

Amy and Teacher on Teaching

June 10 2009

Amy and Teacher On Teaching

Teacher “How have you been Amy?”
Amy “Not bad not bad. Cut my finger whilst cooking the other day, bled quite a bit”
Teacher “Yuck…”
Amy “Yeah, now I’m having difficulty doing yoga and things in the morning”
Teacher “Haha…isn’t your life hard”
Amy “I also cut my other finger”
Teacher “oh dear…you must be having a hard time”
Amy “So taking a bit longer to cook dinner”
Teacher “Haha what a dreadful life you have “
Amy “…why are you saying all these things?”
Teacher “…no…just nothing”
Amy “how have you been?”
Teacher “..Just waiting as usual. Still waiting for a chance to get out of this apartment so I can find a place of my own to live”
Amy “Oh alright.”
Teacher “Just kinda know..waiting”
Amy “alright..”


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