Posted by: Jonjon | June 10, 2009

Jack and Wise One on Opening the Heart

June 10 2009

Jack and Wise One on Opening the Heart

Wise One “How have you been?”
Jack “You! Yes..I need to talk to you! I feel so sad today, my teacher was telling me that I am not ready for anything!”
Wise One “Ready for what?”
Jack “Opening my heart”
Wise One “Your heart is fine..there is no need for surgery”
Jack “ know what I mean”
Wise One “He he, sorry. Well, do you think you are ready to open your heart?”
Jack “Well….I don’t really know how to do it”
Wise One “So you think you are ready to do something that you don’t know how to do?”
Jack “Hmm…haha, that makes me sound a bit stupid doesn’t it?”
Wise One “You are not stupid! I think you know how to do it. You just have a bit of anger towards your teacher for making you feel bad that’s all. I can understand”
Jack “You can? Yeah, he’s always telling me that I’m not ready for things that I am ready for, just because he wasn’t when he was around my age”
Wise One “Oh, has he told you what he was like around your age?”
Jack “Well not really, but he’s always telling me that he’s always speaking from experience. But I”m not him”
Wise One “So you don’t like the fact that he’s giving you advice from his own experience?”
Jack “..No.. I like advices. It’s just the way he says it, makes me feel like I’m being looked down upon”
Wise One “Well, should a teacher look down or up on his students?”
Jack “Umm…”
Wise One “It shouldn’t matter really. If you think you are ready, why don’t you take a little step and try to do what you are ready for. If you are not, then you are not. Then that’s solved isn’t it?”
Jack “..Hmm….yea…………that makes sense”
Wise One “But remember, just one step at a time alright. It concerns me when you get hurt. Remember, you do carry alot of impatience learning with you..that’s why your teacher is concerned”
Jack “..Okay, one step at a time”
Wise One “Good”
Jack “You know what”
Wise One “what?”
Jack “How come I always get the impression that my teacher always make a mess of my life, and you are the one that comes and clean it up.”
Wise One “Hawhaw, not really. He actually digs up the mess that you already have within you and then we come here and help you tidy it out. We’re given a different role to fulfill I guess”
Jack “Ohh….that makes sense”
Wise One “Anymore questions?”
Jack “Many…but can’t think of anything now..”
Wise One “Okay, I’ll be here next time when there’s more mess he he”
Jack “Thanks”


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