Posted by: Jonjon | June 8, 2009

Cake – Chiffon Cake – Green Tea 8/10

Cake – Chiffon Cake – Green Tea 8/10

200% eggs, 70% sugar, salt, 15% honey, 60% warm corn oil,80% water, 45% rum, baking powder, ~9% green tea powder to cake flour,

Ingredients: (20cm tube pan)
(A) 4 egg yolks 2 egg yolks
30g castor sugar 15g
pinch of salt
1 tbsp honey 1 and ½ teaspoon 9g
(B) 4 tbsp warm corn oil 2 Tbs
80ml warm water + 2 – 3 tsp green tea powder 40ml and 1.5 tsp
2- 3 tsp rum 1.5 tsp
(C) 100g cake flour 50g
3/4 tsp baking powder ¼ and 1/8 tsp
(D) 4 egg whites 2 egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar ¼ sp
40g castor sugar 20g
1 cup whipping cream + 1 tbsp icing sugar whipped till stiff
some green tea powder for sprinkling

1. Cream ingredients (A) with hand whisk till sugar dissolved.
2. Add in ingredients (B) in the respective order and mix well before adding the next item.
3. Sieve in ingredients (C) and mix till no lumps.
4. Beat egg whites with electric beater till frothy, sprinkle in the cream of tartar. Beat till white in colour and add in sugar by thirds. Egg white should be beaten till stiff peaks are formed.
5. Put half portion of egg white into yolk mixture and mix it with a hand whisk in 6 strokes.
6. Pour yolk mixture into the rest of the egg white and mix well with hand whisk.
7. Put batter into a chiffon cake pan, bang the pan on a hard surface several times to release the bubbles and bake at 170C – 180C for 35 -45 minutes or till cooked.
8. When the cake is cooked, remove from oven and give it another bang on a hard surface to loosen the cake texture then invert cooked cake on a wire rack to cool for 15 – 20 minutes. Remove cake from cake pan and leave aside to cool completely.
9. Frost cooled cake with whipped cream and sprinkle some green tea powder on it. You can also serve this cake with some canned Japanese Azuki Beans

This was just okay. I won’t be making it again. It tasted like a chiffon cake with green tea fragrance. Chiffon cake really does taste like angel food cake, only less sweet and more thick in texture. Don’t know what the rum did, because couldn’t really taste much rum.


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