Posted by: Jonjon | June 6, 2009

Wise One and Jack on Judgement D

June 6 2009

Wise One and Jack on Judgement D

Wise One “Hey it’s me again”
Jack “You…I remember you…..last time”
Wise One “How have you been?”
Jack “good”
Wise One “hows your teacher?”
Jack “Don’t like him”
Wise One “Why?”
Jack “He’s not helping anybody, people are getting hurt because of his actions”
Wise One “So you think he’s a bad teacher?”
Jack “The worst”
Wise One “Tell you something”
Jack “Go on”
Wise One “The worst teachers are the most perfect teachers for you”
Jack “what?”
Wise One “So you should stick with him”
Jack “What what?!?! But he has more problems than me!!”
Wise One “If that’s the case, then you’ll be able to see your own problems through him”
Jack “What?”
Wise One “You carry the same problems as him, otherwise you wouldn’t be with him”
Jack “What?”
Wise One “You see. Like attracts like. This is the same with Learnings. People attract people with the same learnings into their life. So if you see him as having more problems than you, then this is your chance to see what kind of problems you have. People are usually blind at their own learnings, so you will be able to see yours through him quite easily since he does not hide anything”
Jack “..Really?….yeah…he’s a bit of a woman sometimes”
Wise One “Yes”
Jack “Makes a bit of sense”
Wise One “One more thing”
Jack “Go on”
Wise One “If you want to move forward, you need to change a habit”
Jack “Which one?”
Wise One “When you feel that someone is imperfect. Don’t dwell on ways to change them. Try to learn to accept them instead. You will never be happy if you are always trying to make people perfect, because it will never happen.
Jack “But …..teacher is just going to end up hurting people’s feelings if he carries on like this”
Wise One “Ah…here you go again. Stop worrying about him. Worry about yourself!”
Jack “..”
Wise One “Take responsibility for yourself, and learn to accept him. It will help you”
Jack “you sure?”
Wise One “I’m always sure. Once you have achieved at state, then you will be able to see that everyone is a teacher around you
Jack “Woo….yes….I’d like that…will help me move forward. This is good, I will try to remember what you said and try to accept him…I mean…everyone if I can”
Wise One “Haha, I don’t think you will remember our conversation here..”
Jack “why?”
Wise One “You are not supposed to”
Jack “Why…it will help me if I can remember this. It’s a very valuable lesson”
Wise One “No…you will only need the impression”
Jack “Why why why?”
Wise One “Because you are not supposed to remember the answer”
Jack “Why?”
Wise One “Because we want you to find the answer yourself”
Jack “oo..hmm?”
Wise One “It’s more fun don’t you think? Thinking that you figured out all of this by yourself, when we’ve told you a million times what to do”
Jack “…I hope I don’t remember that!..makes me feel a bit….stupid!”
Wise One “haha you won’t….people around you probably have told you a million times already anyways!”
Jack “Now I feel stupid”
Wise One “You are not. You are perfect, like everyone else, see you soon”
Jack “Okay..”


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