Posted by: Jonjon | June 6, 2009

Jack and Amy on Judgement Part D

June 6 2009

Jack and Amy on Judgement Part D

Amy “Where’s teacher?”
Jack “You’re 15 minutes late, and he left about 5 minutes ago”
Amy “Sorry about that, a client turned up and I couldn’t turn her away”
Jack “Yeah…teacher thought you were busy applying makeup”
Amy “What…I don’t even use makeup.”
Jack “That’s what I thought”
Amy “He’s impatient isn’t he?”
Jack “Yeah I guess, but he doesn’t admit it “
Amy “Ah well, at least you waited, thanks”
Jack “I was a bit pissed off waiting too, but I guess there’s nothing you could have done”
Amy “Yeah sorry”
Jack “Well at least we wouldn’t be pressured to eat fast if our impatient teacher came along eh?”
Amy “Haha yeah…”
Jack “Where you want to eat? Do you want to catch up with teacher?”
Amy “Umm it’s your choice, I don’t know, he’s probably mad at me”
Jack “Can’t believe how easily irritated he is isn’t it”
Amy “hmm”
Jack “He doesn’t admit his own problems. All he does is point out other people’s problems. Only if he had the humility to condescend himself to wait for his students, we would not have ended up in this awkward situation eh?”
Amy “Hmm I guess”
Jack “…sometimes I just can’t be bothered with him anymore”
Amy “Hmmm”


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