Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Wise One and Amy On Trust

June 5 2009

Wise One and Amy On Trust

Wise One “Amy..over here”
Amy “ look are?”
Wise One “…just want to test you something”
Amy “About what?”
Wise One “You don’t have enough trust”
Amy “I do…I always trust myself”
Wise One “Remember that time we danced together, you kinda blocked me away with
your worries because you feared that you’d forget the next step”
Amy “…yes”
Wise One “…Don’t…I’m always here…”
Amy “..what if you are not?”
Wise One “…Trust me”
Amy “It’s hard…what if I forget”
Wise One “….You have to learn to trust people too”
Amy “I do trust people”
Wise One “Ask you a little thing should I”
Amy “Go ahead”
Wise One “How can you trust a person if you are suspicious of him?”
Amy “…you don’t become suspicious?”
Wise One “How do you know if you are suspicious of someone, or if you are trusting your own hunch?”
Amy “I don’t get it”
Wise One “You have to learn to trust yourself first to trust others you see”
Amy “hmm”
Wise One “Once you trust yourself, you’ll be able to trust others. Then the line between suspicious and trust will be clear you see”
Amy “I kinda get it but…”
Wise One “It’s a mirror, what you see is what you get”
Amy “what is?”
Wise One “If you trust others, others will trust you”
Amy “Really? But not many people like to trust others…”
Wise One “If you trust them, they will trust you”
Amy “Doesn’t make sense”
Wise One “…not for now”
Amy “….”
Wise One “Hey I gotta go”
Amy “…….hey wait…I have a question”
Wise One “Yes?”
Amy “……. ..hmm…not sure if its okay to ask about it”
Wise One “Trust yourself”
Amy “….maybe I’ll ask about it next time”
Wise One “Okay..hey do you think I’ll see you soon?”
Amy “I’m not sure…..I hope so….hmm not sure..I’d like to say yes but don’t want to have my hopes up”
Wise One “I’m always there”


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