Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Teacher and Jack on Judgement Part B

June 5 2009
Teacher and Jack on Judgement Part B

Teacher “Man…your boss is awfully boring isn’t he”
Jack “My boss? Yeah..he’s just a bit”
Teacher “Can’t imagine staying in the same room with him. I’d rather die than having to strand in an island alone with him.”
Jack “Is it that bad?”
Teacher “Yea! He just keeps on chatting away about economics and stuff. And he tells me to clean the rooms of this hotel everytime someone makes a mess!”
Jack “But isn’t that your job? You are the cleaner here”
Teacher “I don’t like to be commanded like that way”
Jack “It’s a job”
Teacher “My teachers always tell me to say No, but I always say yes. Ah well, someone has to clean the mess here”
Jack “really?…aren’t you humble…”
Teacher “Yeah…and I can’t believe the way your boss wears those fingerless gloves. It’s not like its going to make his typing speed any faster.”
Jack “Well it’s cold in the winter”
Teacher “yeah…that’s why you should wear fingered gloves!”
Jack “But that would make it harder to type”
Teacher “..but he only types with one finger! He should just get a fingered glove and cut one of the fingers off the glove”
Jack “haha yeah I guess”
Teacher “Sigh…I don’t think I want to stay here any longer”
Jack “Why?”
Teacher “..I don’t like working here. And Amy, she’s always putting on makeup, asking me this and that….can’t believe how well she is playing a women this lifetime”
Jack “..that’s what people do”
Teacher “..It’s boring….you should entertain me”
Jack “Haha …with what..why don’t you just goto a brothel”
Teacher “Don’t have any money on me”
Jack “Would you if you had?”
Teacher “Haha no”
Jack “Why…is it bad?”
Teacher “…”
Jack “Hey can monks goto a brothel?”
Teacher “I don’t see why not…but they wouldn’t go”
Jack “Why?”
Teacher “Because they are monks!”
Jack “If I was a monk, and I wanted to go, can I go”
Teacher “If you want, there’s no rules saying you can’t”
Jack “But I thought you can’t go because you’re a monk”
Teacher “Then you wouldn’t be a monk would you!”
Jack “I mean what I’m trying to say is..if I was to stay on this path, can I goto a brothel”
Teacher “Well…people have to vent their emotions out someway or another. It’s not good for you, and I strongly do not suggest it.”
Jack “Why not?”
Teacher “Having sexual intercourse creates an imbalance of energy in your chakra…or energy spots in your body…around your pelvis region…makes you want more and more everytime the imbalance increases”
Jack “…what if I can handle it”
Teacher “Haha… mean like hold it in?”
Jack “>…not that…”
Teacher “You can go do what you want. I’m just saying it’s bad, and it will create suffering since it’s not very good for the mind…which is not really what this path is about anyways.”
Jack “Will I be punished?”
Teacher “What..for going to a prostitute for service? Haha no…unless you want to..”
Jack “I see I see”
Teacher “What making some plans?”
Jack “No..I was just wondering how things work”
Teacher “Okay…strange guy”


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