Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Teacher and Jack on Judgement Part A

June 5 2009
Teacher and Jack on Judgement Part A

Teacher “Hey I was just thinking about my other students from previous life”
Jack “What were they like?”
Teacher “Very easy to teach “
Jack “Yeah?”
Teachers “Hmm..just thinking about my students this morning. Can’t help but to feel compassion to these poor beings. You know..they have no clue what kind of problems they carry, and I’m just saddened by it”
Jack “Haha yeah…some people are just ignorant of their own problems”
Teacher “You included”
Jack “Me? No…you have more problems than I have”
Teacher “Sigh…not really. I’m just saddened at the fact that some people don’t have the humility to accept their own problems. When they are only at point A they think they are already at point B. Sigh”
Jack “I have humility, you don’t”
Teacher “You know my teachers used to always say to me”
Jack “What?”
Teacher “That I am too humble..”
Jack “Haha whatever”
Teacher “..No it’s true…..I shouldn’t hold anything back really. I don’t know…teaching you lot will be quite a handful”
Jack “If I was a teacher I wouldn’t mind. I’d do anything to help people”
Teacher “that’s what I do”
Jack “But you complain like a girl”
Teacher “Not as much as you”
Jack “..”


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