Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Jack and Wise One

June 5 2009

Jack and Wise One

Jack “Woah….who are you”
Wise One “Does not matter, you’ll forget about me once you wake up”
Jack “ look familiar, I know you”
Wise One“Haw haw. Have you ever heard of the story of the falling raindrop?”
Jack “Sounds familiar”
Wise One“A raindrop into the ocean. Flows into the river. Flows through many countries. It cannot rest, but to endure turmoil. But once it returns home it can finally rest in peace.”
Jack “..boring story”
Wise One “Your emotions are like the falling raindrop”
Jack “..where is home?”
Wise One “Your teacher will help you to get there”
Jack “…But he’s such an arrogant prick”
WIse One “So?”
Jack “He always think he’s right..but he’s always wrong and ….A good teacher should have at least have a degree of humility”
Wise One “Why?”
Jack “…because…”
Wise One “Why can’t he be himself?”
Jack “….umm…hmm…”
Wise One “He’s perfect the way he is. You are too”
Jack “I am?…but I want to get on the right path…I don’t think he’s the right teacher..”
Wise One “…do you think being around him has helped you out?”
Jack ” I don’t like to be pissed off by him”
Wise One “But do you know more of yourself now?”
Jack “Yea I makes me question about things…..wait…something is happening…I feel like I’m being pulled away”
Wise One “ gotta pee”
Jack “What?”
Wise One “Aim properly this time….my son”
Jack “…”


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