Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Jack and Teacher on Impatience and Amy.

June 5 2009

Jack and Teacher on Impatience and Amy.

Jack “Hey I still can’t get into one of the yoga poses you taught me last week”
Teacher “Haha, it’s only been a may take many years to get into one”
Jack “Yeah? Ohhh, that makes me feel better..I thought I was doing it wrong haha”
Teacher “You probably are”
Jack “I am?”
Teacher “Just don’t worry too much and you’ll be fine”
Jack “I don’t worry”
Teacher “You do….”
Jack “I do?”
Teacher “Yes, and you are impatient too”
Jack “I am?”
Teacher “Yes”
Jack “I don’t think so…when?”
Teacher “You just are”
Jack “That’s unfair”
Teacher “Why?”
Jack “You don’t know me”
Teacher “Do you know yourself?”
Jack “More than you do”
Teacher “Not really”
Jack “…”
Teacher “Like Amy..she doesn’t even know who she is”
Jack “What do you mean?”
Teacher “She sits there everyday smiling and playing with her makeup, but that’s just to hide all the sadness she has inside”
Jack “Really?”
Teacher “And she wants to get into my pants too”
Jack “What!?”
Teacher “Haha”
Jack “Was she your lover the previous life?”
Teacher “Haha hell no, but she did love me in an affectionate way”
Jack “She was your student too isn’t she?”
Teacher “Yeah..she was your friend too”
Jack “My girlfriend?”
Teacher “Haha….she was a guy before. You guys used to hang around until you disappeared one day without a trace”
Jack “Haha really? You can change genders from life to life? …”
Teacher “Well, yea…but usually we just stick to one… It’s good learning for him, since all she did in her past life was bitching about women.”
Jack “So he’s been punished this time?”
Teacher “Haha….yea…she’s in for a lot of pregnant experiences this life! ..Not really….I don’t believe in punishments. We all have choices as to what we bring into this life, and he decided to experiment this time a a
Jack “…Hmmm”
Teacher “In a way it’s good. Amy was a celibate in her previous life because she refused to have relationships with women. That was a shame, because she would have gained alot of experience through relationships that would have helped her to release alot of learnings that she carried in that life. But since she likes guy more, this time I think she will push away less relationship and experience more.”
Jack “Oh?”
Teacher “Why don’t you go out with her, you guys are compatible”
Jack “Hmmmm I don’t think I’m her type. She’s always angry at me for some reason”
Teacher “It’s alright..she’ll get used to it. She’s probably just reacting to what you did to her last time, disappearing just like that “
Jack “What? So if you hate a person in your past life, you will hate them this life?”
Teacher “Well, doesn’t really work that way. It’s like Karma I guess. The sort of relationships that you had in your past life will come back again this time. It’s always your choice as to how you will react to a certain relationship this time around. Maybe you have released some learnings that you have carried before that would have made a relationship unsuccessful last time, so now you will have no problems being in the same relationship. Or vice versa, you now still carry the same problem, or more problems that would prevent a relationship from being a successful one”
Jack “I’m a bit confused…. So you saying that Amy likes me?”
Teacher “Well, you have been his…Hmm I mean her friend for quite a few lifetimes now, so I don’t see why not”
Jack “Hmmm….I see I see…but I feel like….I don’t feel like being intimate with her”
Teacher “That’s your problem too, you push people away”
Jack “I am allowed to control who comes into my life!”
Teacher “You are too controlling”
Jack “I am not going to let people I don’t like into my life”
Teacher “Well you are judgemental too”
Jack “….”
Teacher “’ll be a hard one to teach
Jack “…”


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