Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Jack and Amy on Teacher

June 5 2009

Jack and Amy on Teacher

Amy “Hey so we were buddies in our previous life eh?”
Jack “Haha yeah..imagine must have been the emotional one”
Amy “Whatever..I’ve heard what you did”
Jack “ gonna cry about it? do you even believe it?”
Amy “…not sure”
Jack “Well, I don’t really believe in this whole thing”
Amy “You don’t think we were friends?”
Jack “What matters is now don’t you think?”
Amy “…..are we friends now ?”
Jack “Yeah why”
Amy “..nothing…hey ..teacher kept saying that I worry too much”
Jack “…me too!….I don’t worry too much too”
Amy “Man it’s unfair..he’s just taking pot shots at us”
Jack “Yeah…he’ll probably just label us with all bad qualities of a human being, and when he gets one right he’ll then rub it in our face”
Amy “Oh yeah!!…wow…..never thought of it that way!!!
Jack “yeah….he’s always saying “I’m right i’m right! told you so!” when you are just having a casual conversation”
Amy “yeah it gets on my nerves…sometimes
Jack “I feel like leaving him..he’s too arrogant to be my teacher”
Amy “Really?”
Jack “Yeah….maybe I should find a better teacher .”
Amy “Maybe….he’s just testing you…to see if you’ll accept him”
Jack “I don’t like arrogant pricks”
Amy “…he gave me a lesson about accepting people. Maybe he’s doing it to test if you’ll accept him.
Jack “You think so? …Yeah…does make alot of sense. I mean….pissing me off all the time really did make me question about who I really are. But I don’t think it’s a test….it’s just his arrogant personality…yeah it’s his personality!! he’s not trying to help! I just can’t stand him!!”
Amy “Hmmmm, …so when you say leave him..what do you mean? Will you leave here?”
Jack “Yeah I was thinking about getting another job anyways”
Amy “When?”
Jack “Haven’t thought about it. Haha…are you worrying about me suddenly disappearing?”
Amy “I don’t what you want”
Jack “..oh..okay”


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