Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Amy and Teacher on Teaching

June 5 2009

Amy and Teacher on Teaching


Amy “Jack told me that I was your student last life”
Teacher “And?”
Amy “Teach me”
Teacher “What do you want to learn?”
Amy “…What are you teaching again?”
Teacher “Haha”
Amy “Hmmm what are we learning again?”
Teacher “How to get on the path”
Amy “What path?”
Teacher “The path to happiness of course!”
Amy “That sounds cheesy”
Teacher “Ok, how does the heart path sound”
Amy “Sounds a bit too religious to me”
Teacher “Are you religious?”
Amy “I’m an atheist haha!”
Teacher “So you don’t believe in god?”
Amy “I do believe in there’s…something out there watching down on us..but it ain’t like Jesus or anything…cuz I’m sure there’s something greater…like a huge intelligence rather than a human being”
Teacher “Umm, then you’re not an atheist if you believe in supreme beings…You probably just said that to sound cool!”
Amy “Oh? I didn’t know…then what am I?”
Teacher “I don’t know..I guess you are just clueless”
Amy “Haha whatever! This heart path…is it from christianity?”
Teacher “No, but Jesus tried to teach with all great teachers”
Amy “But isn’t Jesus Christian?”
Teacher “I don’t think he’s “religious” in the modern sense…He just tried to get people on the right path, and I guess Christianity is what sprung out of the whole teaching”
Amy “So Christianity is fake?”
Teacher “There’s always truth in every religion, see how you see things I guess”
Amy “So there’s no hell? Because my Christian friends were telling me about it…my Buddhist friends told me about it too..sounded interesting…they have different levels.., and a bit scary!!..well not really!!”
Teacher “Err, okay…strange girl… These things exist if you decide to believe in it”
Amy “….? huh?? .so depends …you mean if I decide not to be in anyway religious…I won’t be going to hell? Yay!”
Teacher “Umm, …you don’t have to be religious to believe in hell. I guess what I’m trying to say is that..if you think you are going to hell you may be going to hell”
Amy “..what so I can kill someone and go to heaven?”
Teacher “Do you really believe that will happen? I don’t think there’s any murderers out there that really do believe taking someone’s life is a good thing…”
Amy “So that means murderers will never get a second chance in life?”
Teacher “No no no….. They get many chances. I’ve been around people who have been murderers for many lifes. God is forgiving, and so they get given chances to change their habits
Amy “That’s unfair for us? I don’t want to be killed by a murderer who has been given a second chance!!!”
Teacher “You won’t be killed unless it was meant to be… if it was meant to be then it will work out fine I guess. Everyone has a part to play in the whole scheme of things….. Murderers are just poor old souls who have brought too much self-hatred learnings into this life, with a bad dose of bad habit and cluelessness as to how to vent out their emotions. I do feel sympathy for them from time to time, but each time I extend my hand out to them I always end up with one less.
Amy “What?”
Teacher “Sorry was just recalling on past life. Anyways, you shouldn’t judge them..they are just who they are”
Amy “That’s ridiculous. What if they killed one of my son? Am I supposed to forgive them? Or even thank them?”
Teacher “Haha…I doubt you won’t have any kids…anyways… don’t thank anyone who make you feel miserable. But if I was given the option to feel sadness from hating, or happiness from forgiving, I will choose the latter one….. wouldn’t you?”
Amy “But thats just inhuman…you have to show sadness when someone close to you dies!!”
Teacher “That’s what we’ve been taught. But forgiving others is an act of acceptance. We have to learn how to accept. No matter how much sadness you show will not change a thing, let alone bring a dead person back to life. Spiritually, dead people can’t move on if you still have too much emotions for them”
Amy “What do you mean?”
Teacher “..Well, say for example, if your husband died, he will want to go onto his next life after he finishes with this one. But if you cry all night because of this loss, he’s going to hang around you until he’s made sure that you are fine”
Amy “Really? That sounds freaky, what if I hate him?”
Teacher “…Yeah…hating is a strong emotion too…you shouldn’t do that.”
Amy “hmm, so if things happen they happen for a reason…and we have to learn to accept that?”
Teacher “Yea…I guess that’ll be the first lesson for the day for you”
Amy “What if I kill you?”
Teacher “You can’t”
Amy “Why not?”
Teacher “You just can’t”
Amy “ may happen”
Teacher “Haha…I doubt it”
Amy “Hmm, lets say…what if you were not supposed to die right now, and someone came across the street and stabbed you with a knife”
Teacher “That won’t happen!!! you are worrying too much!!”
Amy “I don’t worry”
Teacher “Yeah right. These things don’t happen!! It’s like you deciding to jump onto incoming traffic tommorow”
Amy “I might, it could happen”
Teacher “I doubt it..”


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