Posted by: Jonjon | June 5, 2009

Amy and Teacher on Lifes

June 5 2009

Amy and Teacher on Lifes

Amy “So Whats the lesson for today?”
Teacher “Haha…..I didn’t plan any”
Amy “…well what problems do I have to work on?…I feel like I don’t have any….”
Teacher “Oh!! you have plenty !!!!!”
Amy “I do? Like what?”
Teacher “Ooooo you are pretty clueless”
Amy “naw….you’re just are just saying things which you can’t justify”
Teacher “You have trust issues”
Amy “With who? I have many friends and…”
Teacher “With yourself”
Amy “What? Trusting with what?”
Teacher “If you can’t trust yourself, I don’t think you will be able to trust others”
Amy “Huh?” do you trust yourself?”
Teacher “Took me years to trust myself”
Amy “But you’re wrong all the time!!”
Teacher “Haha whatever, about what?”
Amy “About the problems me and Jack have!”
Teacher “I’m not wrong!! I’m never wrong”
Amy “..Jack is thinking about leaving you, what are you going to do about it?”
Teacher “..that quick? Wow…hmm…guess people don’t change do they”
Amy “has he left you before?”
Teacher “Yeah, he has a tendancy to do that. Many of my other students left me in my past life too”
Amy “Do they come back? I mean…will Jack come back..say…if he does leave you?”
Teacher “Umm ..well…hmm…..some came back last time. I’ve already had 3 students left me this life…but they’ll come back this time”
Amy “so Jack will be back? ..those 3 students..did they leave you before?”
Teacher “You mean past life? Yes”
Amy “Did they come back?”
Teacher “Haha..not really…..”
Amy “…what makes……this doesn’t make sense!!……if they have a tendancy to do that for so many lifes before….what makes this time different!!?!?!?”
Teacher “I am different”
Amy “?”
Teacher “Well…I’m more patient…and in a way…I’m more powerful”
Amy “powerful? what?”
Teacher “Haha yeah…..and I’ve got quite a powerful group of backups so…”
Amy “Backups? what do you mean?”
Teacher “Haha….we’ll get Jack back one way or another if he leaves. If he doesn’t come back, we can just replace him”
Amy “Really? I didn’t know students are replaceable”
Teacher “Oh they are”
Amy “Jack seems to need help…don’t think it’ll be a good idea to replace him”
Teacher “Well if he gets too burdensome..”
Amy “..hmm..don’t think..”
Teacher “haha..I think it’s a good chance that he won’t get replaced”


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