Posted by: Jonjon | June 3, 2009

June 3 2009

June 3 2009

Jack and Cleaner Reuniting

Cleaner “Hey how are you?”
Jack “I’m good”
Cleaner “Are you sure?”
Jack “haha why are you always asking me like that”
Cleaner “Just felt like it”
Jack “hey I was reading something about yoga. It’s strange isn’t it…some people apparently do yoga to open these chakra things on their body. Do you think they exist?”
Cleaner “They do exist, I can see people’s chakras”
Jack “What?”
Cleaner “Different chakras have different colors, it’s kinda like energy”
Jack “Really? Are there any problems with my energy?”
Cleaner “Well, you’re fine, though..there is quite a huge imbalance, too much energy on your head and too little on your stomach”
Jack “…what would that do?”
Cleaner “haha, gives you a headache and make you hungry all the time!”
Jack “really? I don’t get those…”
Cleaner “just kidding…you probably just worry all the time that’s why all the energy is rushing to your head”
Jack “I don’t worry!”
Cleaner “Are you sure?”
Jack “Yea….so how come you can see all these chakras whilst other people can’t?”
Cleaner “Because I am special!! I can see all your past and future lifes too, unfolding right infront of my eyes”
Jack “What? Does that mean you already know what will happen in the future?”
Cleaner “the potentials yes”
Jack “…Hmm, so that means you know what you were in all of your past lifes?”
Cleaner “yup..I taught mostly, had many students”
Jack “….yeah? how about me? what was I like in my past life?”
Cleaner “Which one?”
Jack “The most recent one”
Cleaner “you ran away from a teacher”
Jack “Who was this? why did I run away?”
Cleaner “Haha, you were my student, ran away because I was not perfect enough”
Jack “…”
Cleaner “It’s alright…you would’ve not remembered anyways”
Jack “really?”
Cleaner “yeah”
Jack “what was my name?”
Cleaner “..Does it matter?”
Jack “Not really, just curious”
Cleaner “Michael”
Jack “That’s a silly name to have isn’t it?”
Cleaner “haha”
Jack “Well…I don’t know whether to believe you or not….but I guess if it’s true, I’ll have to thank you for coming back”
Cleaner “I always come back for my students”
Jack “That’s a nice thing to do”


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