Posted by: Jonjon | June 3, 2009

Jack and Amy on Cleaner

June 3 2009

Cleaner and Amy

Cleaner “Hey how are you?”
Amy “I’m fine thanks”
Cleaner “Are you sure?”
Amy “Umm……yea I think I am”
Cleaner “what are you doing?”
Amy “Just some accounting work….gst expenses..hmm..kinda busy at the moment so…”
Cleaner “You like this job?”
Amy “I don’t mind”
Cleaner “this seems like a boring place to be”
Amy “yea…”
Cleaner “..I’d get out of here if I were you”
Amy “..I’m kinda busy at the moment”
Cleaner “Alright…I’ll leave you to your …accounting work haha”
Amy “…”

Jack and Amy on Cleaner

Amy “Who is that new cleaner?”
Jack “Hmm think he started work a few weeks ago?”
Amy “He is a bit odd isn’t he?”
Jack “Why is that?”
Amy “Dunno, he just seems strange to me. He must have no qualifications thats why he’s working here”
Jack “I don’t know…I wouldn’t be too quick to judge”
Amy “Well who would want to be a cleaner unless there’s no other work to do??”
Jack “..Hmmm…..unless you’re running away from the mafia”
Amy “Ya whatever”

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