Posted by: Jonjon | June 3, 2009

Cleaner and Jason on acceptance

June 3 2009

Cleaner and Jason on acceptance

Cleaner : “Hey how is it going?”
Jason “not bad not bad..”
Cleaner “Are you sure?”
Jason “Umm…hmm, maybe…Just okay”
Cleaner “yeah? you like working here?”
Jason “Well I don’t especially like it, but I guess a job is a job”
Cleaner “What would you rather do if you had a choice?”
Jason “Umm not sure”
Cleaner “Haha you are really clueless aren’t you?”
Jason “Yeah I am, how about you? o come you are a cleaner?”
Cleaner “Why not?”
Jason “ you like it?”
Cleaner “no!!”
Jason “Then why are you here?”
Cleaner “Haha you’ll know soon “
Jason “hmm so what do you do during the in your spare time?”
Cleaner “Well…I wake up a bit early to do my meditation and yoga”
Jason “Why?”
Cleaner “Grounds me”
Jason “What is grounding?”
Cleaner “haha you’ll know soon..”
Jason “Okay….”

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