Posted by: Jonjon | June 3, 2009

Cleaner and Jack

June 3 2009

Cleaner and Jack

Cleaner “Hey how are you?”
Jack “I’m good”
Cleaner “Are you sure?”
Jack “umm…I guess”
Cleaner “Okay”
Jack “how about you?”
Cleaner “Very good!”
Jack “Are you sure?”
Cleaner “Haha yes”
Jack “Okay”
Cleaner “yeah, what you got plans for this week?”
Jack “Umm I don’t really plan…”
Cleaner “Hmm what are your hobbies?”
Jack “…don’t really have any…though I’m a bit drawn to spiritual things..”
Cleaner “Oh? you do yoga too?”
Jack “I tried enrolling, but a bit to embarassed to enrol in a class”
Cleaner “Why?”
Jack “..I thought yoga is only for girls?”
Cleaner “THat’s NONSENSE!! I do yoga, and I’m a guy! Haha”
Jack “Do you teach yoga?”
Cleaner “I used to”
Jack “Oh?? Maybe you can show me a bit sometime”
Cleaner “Hmm, yeah sure why not”


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