Posted by: Jonjon | May 31, 2009

May 31 2009 Teacher and Michelle on Teaching

May 31 2009
Michelle and Teacher on Teaching

Teacher “Told you I was right! you were wrong!”
Michelle “That’s an arrogant thing to say!!!”
Teacher “Why is that?”
Michelle “You didn’t have to rub it in my face like that”
Teacher “I didn’t rub it in your face..I was just stating the facts”
Michelle “See it’s the way you teach. If you could be less direct then your students would stay rather than run away from you”
Teacher “It’s your problem for feeling hurt”
Michelle “You didn’t have to say”
Teacher “What…you want me to lie and say you were right?”
Michelle “No! Just that you shouldn’t say that I was wrong”
Teacher “But you were. I was just stating the facts”
Michelle “That’s just plain rude, hurting my feelings like that”
Teacher “It’s a problem that you have to deal with I’m afraid. If you have the humility to accept that you we wrong, you wouldn’t be feeling this way would you.
Michelle “I have the humility!! I admit that I was wrong but you didn’t have to rub it in!”
Teacher “You are overreacting. Only if you could understand that it’s okay to be wrong from time to time. People make mistakes, you can too. And there is no need to feel bad about it”
Michelle “I don’t feel bad about it, I just don’t like your arrogance”
Teacher “Well you’ll have to get used to it..and it’s not arrogance”
Michelle “I don’t..and I am leaving!!”
Teacher “Alright..”


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