Posted by: Jonjon | May 31, 2009

May 31 2009 Bob and Teacher on their last lesson

May 31 2009

Bob and Teacher on their last lesson


Bob “..Guess this is the end eh?”
Teacher “haha..yeah….I’d expected this to happen”
Bob “We didn’t even get asked what we wanted for our last meal”
Teacher “Yeah……but that means more food for the poor”
Bob “haha…..I feel a bit…I dunno..”
Teacher “Scared of what lies ahead? go grow some backbone little girl”
Bob “Well….not really…I already know … just umm…a bit angry ..and a bit anxious at how…you know I never really left this body properly before”
Teacher “Haha…this will be over quick. I’ll make sure that we get out of this body before they torture us”
Bob “Oh you can do that? haha that’s assuring”
Teacher “haha yeah”
Bob “You don’t really feel anything to this eh?”
Teacher “well..just a bit disappointed”
Bob “Why? Because they thought you were starting some kind of a cult with your students???”
Teacher “Well….hmm.. Just you know….I’m just tired of people judging one another. They didn’t have to kill us really…if only they believed our side of the story. Haha….what a ridiculous thing to frame us with….spent my whole life trying to help people and all I get is a noose on my neck..literally “
Bob “Haha…just think it like this. All great teachers in the past always have been murdered, so I guess you’re on the top with the rest of the best”
Teacher “Haha..thanks for that encouragement.”
Bob “But I thought our lifes are all designed for a greater purpose? I and I don’t have any fear of death. I don’t see why we are being put through this test?” Isn’t that why some people get incurable diseases? so they can either learn to let go of some things..I mean I’m pretty much done with what I needto do here?”
Teacher “Well…at the moment of death is when you reap the most. People usually get epiphanies during last few seconds on their death bed.”
Bob “..What? so does that go with suicides??”
Teacher “No NO no no no..absoloutely not! Suicide is just an escape from responsibility. The amount of bad karma you create from suicide would be tremendous. You end up hurting yourself and others, that’s alot to make up for…and the amount of time and energy spent to wake up people who have commited suicide from their long sleep are incredibly arduous….and people usually carry that habit from lifes to lifes. Damn…….if only they could break the cycle in one life…then the rest would be smooth sailing…anyways..this is different from inescapable illnesses, which are usually designed in one’s life to allow people to progress foward with their learning
Bob “Oh…well…..this situation was planned right?”
Teacher “Yup…I knew this was coming”
Bob “And what will we reap from it?”
Teacher “Haha, we don’t reap anything”
Bob “..then why am I on this noose for?”
Teacher “…..It’s for the others”
Bob “What do you mean?”
Teacher “The people who witness our death will be awakened from their slumber”
Bob “yeah?”
Teacher “Well not really your haha”
Bob “oh”
Teacher “At the same time, my great energy will be dispersed out, and anyone within range will be affected”
Bob “Wow…so …why am I in this for?”
Teacher “To accompany me, my little escort”
Bob “This sucks!”
Teacher “Haha….you will reap something from it..I just don’t want to spoil the fun”
Bob “Of what?”
Teacher “The game is more fun when there are more suprises don’t you agree?”
Bob “Yeah..I guess…but if the suprise is death I don’t think…it’ll be fun.
Teacher “haha, But someone has to witness”
Bob “We’ll leave that to the others..but why me?”
Teacher You’ll know soon enough”
Bob “Haha..okay…..still being so secretive even at the last few seconds”
Teacher “He he”


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