Posted by: Jonjon | May 31, 2009

May 31 2009 Bob and Teacher on Teaching

May 31 2009

Bob and Teacher on Teaching

Bob “..Wow…..this is the 20th year since this school opened eh”
Teacher “Yes”
Bob “Taught alot eh?”
Teacher “Yeah..pissed off quite a few”
Bob “Haha yea…what ever happened to Michael?”
Teacher “He came back..but left again..when you were overseas”
Bob “what happened?”
Teacher “Well…he’s still trying to find that perfect teacher…told him that they don’t exist”
Bob “Yeah..alot of students left like that eh?”
Teacher “Yeah”
Bob “I don’t really blame them… I mean, finding a teacher is a pretty big investment to take I guess…since it’s probably the only one thing that matters in this world”
Teacher “Not really. It’s just his unsettling mind..always searching for something better and better and better, you’ll never find the end to that”
Bob “I guess, but still, let him explore first, and he’ll probably come back in the end”
Teacher “It’s too late for that.. when he comes back again I’ll be too old to teach”
Bob “Yeah? Tough work eh?”
Teacher “Not really, just …hmm”
Bob “Sad?”
Teacher “…Well…not really…just get a bit disappointed at times you know…and yea..I do care about them”
Bob “Hmm”
Teacher “Ah well”


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