Posted by: Jonjon | May 30, 2009

Teacher and Bob on Relationships again

Teacher and Bob on Relationships again

Teacher “Bob…there’s something I should tell you”
Bob “What?”
Teacher “..actually..nevermind”
Bob “Oh ok”
Teacher “How is your girlfriend?”
Bob “Guess what!! I dumped her!!…..Thanks for the advice…would have saved me alot of suffering”
Teacher “you what!??!”
Bob “…? ..why ? did I make the wrong decision?”
Teacher “…No .um…nevermind”
Bob “Yeah I think I was not enjoying the relationship anyways. I realised that I was giving too much in the relationship and she wasn’t giving anything”
Teacher “Yeah…that creates an imbalance…”
Bob “Yeah..just a bit bored these days…kinda miss her…but I’m sure that’ll pass”
Teacher “Yeah….”


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