Posted by: Jonjon | May 30, 2009

Teacher and Bob on Bob’s Relationship

May 30 2009

Teacher and Bob on Bob’s Relationship

Bob “Hey remember that pasta we had here in this cafe?”
Lisa “this one?”
Bob “Yeah…it came in kinda like a bowl..that came straight out of the oven, with all the melted cheese clinging on the sides…remember that?”
Lisa “..You mean like the pasta that we had in France…ooo I remember that Restaurant we had the pasta there”
Bob “..I’m talking about this cafe..”
Lisa “You know it was so great in France… were so lost with your directions”
Bob “I think that it was you……whilst you were busy planning on what to shop..I was planning on where to go..”
Lisa “Nay….you just weren’t fun. You have vacations to have fun,…I don’t worry about those things”
Bob “..Umm..If no one is going to worry..then how are we going to get from destination A to B?”
Lisa “it’ll work out just worry too much”
Bob “I do all the work and….”
Lisa “Wait…I just got a call”
Bob “..what?”

Lisa “…Kyle is joining us for lunch!!…we can goto that restaurant that you always wanted?”
Bob “…which one?”
Lisa “The one down the viaduct!”
Bob “…I think that’s the one you like not me!!!? I rather goto this cafe…”
Lisa “..oooo oops..but I just told Kyle…”
Bob “..Okay I guess”

Next Day

Teacher “Hows you and your girlfriend going?”
Bob “…well…I mean……I dunno!”
Teacher “Are you happy?”
Bob “Yeah I guess..but ..not sure if I’ll marry her”
Teacher “Haha why?”
Bob “Well…….I don’t know. I feel like I’m not receiving anything from her”
Teacher “…Yeah…. you have a strange karma with her”
Bob “What do you mean?”
Teacher “She pretty sucked you up dry in your last life….left you penniless then went out with your friend”
Bob “You mean Kyle?”
Teacher “Who?”
Bob “…my friend…”
Teacher “…hmm”
Bob “…but she’ll be different this life right? I mean I was different”
Teacher “Haha you’re not that different..and I doubt that she’s going to change. I rarely see people who ….make an effort to change…it’s a sad thing”
Bob “…What…what should I do? Sounds like I will suffer in this relationship?”
Teacher “…you want my advice?”
Bob “….yea..”
Teacher “Well…I shouldn’t be saying this. But you’ll move foward faster if you dump her”
Bob “Yeah?”
Teacher “Yup”


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