Posted by: Jonjon | May 30, 2009

May 30 2009 Bob and Teacher on Abilities

May 30 2009


Bob and Teacher on Abilities

Bob “Hey I’ve been wondering..”
Teacher “As usual….”
Bob “Umm…just about a few things”
Teacher “Worrying”
Bob “Just let me finish the sentence!!”
Teacher “….Hurry up and finish your sentence then!”
Bob “..You know…say this lifetime, if I work on say…like baseball for ages..will it make me a baseball star next life since I’ve already had a few lifes of baseball training?”
Teacher “WHAT!!?!? That doesn’t make sense!!!”
Bob “..I mean like, say if I learn 6 languages this life, will I be able to speak 6 languages next life?”
Teacher “No!…..but it’ll be easier for you to pick up”
Bob “…Yeah?? by how much in terms of degrees, ….say like 5 lifes of learning, will that be enough for me to pick the languages up next life say…5 x faster?”
Teacher “……… it doesn’t work like that. For example, I’ve …had many lifes where I taught…..but this life I’m pretty crap at it haha”
Bob “Why??”
Teacher “Well, you come into the physical world with different bodies each time…just this time my body wasn’t very well suited to do yoga. You see…the backstabbing that I received last life really made it hard for me to bend my back in yoga so it has taken me ages to get my body loose”
Bob “…Woo….I see….hmm…..You mean like, if someone who died from a back injury last life..they will carry the pains of it into this life?”
Teacher “Who are you thinking about?”
Bob “I just made it up”
Teacher “ also made up the face of the person you were thinking about?”
Bob “..what do you mean?”
Teacher “Well…I just saw him”
Bob “…Hmm okay…it’s just someone but I haven’t actually met him”
Teacher “… it’s irrelevant then… Well. You know…your body pretty much reflects what kind of learnings you have to go through this life. So each time you come into physicality your body will be different…which means that you may suit some sports more than others…do you really want to be a baseball star? Baseball is borrrrrring”
Bob …what?? baseball is cool!…… know…never thought about been a star..just curious..anyways…..I’ was just wondering about what I should do this life you know. Maybe I did something the last few lifes …that I can continue doing this know since it’ll be easier for me to pick it up”
Teacher “Just do what you want to do …”
Bob “What have I done in the previous few lifes?”
Teacher “..not much haha”
Bob “..”
Teacher “..Well you’ve attempted some physical endeavours and failed them miserably, and ..hmm..I guess you tried belly dancing too”
Bob “….what serious?”
Teacher “..haha no..I was just thinking about my other student”
Bob “….so what should I do?”
Teacher “Stop worrying about the past…and do what you want to do …stop letting fears get in the way ..geez”
Bob “…”


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