Posted by: Jonjon | May 30, 2009

Bob and Teacher on Concerns

May 30 2009

Bob and Teacher on Concerns

“Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail of Michael, please leave a message after the beep”

Bob “Hey Michael, it’s me Bob, just wondering where you are…haven’t really heard anything from you since your last escape..hmm I mean your departure from us..just seeing what you’re doing…”

Bob “Hmm, haven’t heard anything from Michael…wonder how he us”
Teacher “…stop worrying about him, and learn to take your own responsibilities”
Bob “…But isn’t that cruel? He may not be your friend..but he’s my friend”
Teacher “Concerning about him won’t change a thing”
Bob “But he’s my friend”
Teacher “So what?…..concerning for him is holding you back. You have to move foward…you’ve been staying still for’s time to let go and move foward..and …….not waste my precious time”
Bob “…that’s such an unfair thing to say…don’t you ever concern about people that you love before?”
Teacher “Yes…but like with all emotions, I learn to let go and stop worrying about these things. Haha..this reminds me. One of my ex rang me up a week after she broke up with me and asked if I was missing her. I told her the truth….I actually forgot about her in two days!! Oh…was she pissed”
Bob “…that just sounds like an inhuman thing to say…you should have just said something nicer…”
Teacher “I only tell the truth. And if it hurts them, then that’s their problem. She expected me to feel pain or something, and beg her to come back. But I’m not like other guys”
Bob “hmm I guess you got a point…if she expected you to feel pain…then that’s her own problem isn’t it”
Teacher “And don’t you think telling people the truth rather than lies will help them wake up…..if not immediately..some day?”
Bob “As cruel as it sounds…yea I guess”
Teacher “I probably like Michael as much as you, but we have to learn to respect his decision. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean you need to always worry and concern about them. That gives you and them too much pressure really. Just accept Michael’s decision like I have and start doing things that matter at the present. You haven’t been progressing as fast as I would hoped, which is really a disappointment”
Bob “…Sorry”


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