Posted by: Jonjon | May 29, 2009

Bob and Teacher on Relationships May 29 2009

May 29 2009

Bob and Teacher on Relationships

Bob “It has already been 25 years already…I thought you said Michael would be back?”
Teacher “He will be back, some day”
Bob “This lifetime or the next?”
Teacher “This lifetime. within 5 years I am guessing, but if he fails to stay that means it will be for another 15 years before I see him again”
Bob “Hmm didn’t know it worked like that…I wonder how he is doing…”
Teacher “Not very good at the moment..”
Bob “How do you know?”
Teacher “I can sense his sadness”
Bob “…Don’t you ever feel a bit guilty? Like…do you ever think it may be your personality that is pushing your students away? …The other students haven’t even come back yet….”
Teacher “No, I don’t persuade my students to stay.
Bob “But at least…..shouldn’t you sacrifice a bit of yourself, compliment people from time to time to get them to stay? I mean, it’s for a greater purpose…I would kinda ease into things if I was the teacher”
Teacher “It doesn’t work like that. I’m not going to change my personality in order to get my students to stay. If they stay they stay. If they leave, it’s their decision”
Bob “ really don’t feel any guilt do you?”
Teacher “Guilty about what?”
Bob “Have you ever felt guilty?”
Teacher “…I used to feel guilty, but everytime when I looked back at a situation, I was never at fault. Do you think it’s my fault that they left? I didn’t do anything, apart from telling the truth.”
Bob “..But in this society, people need compliments from time to time. It’s pretty natural these days for people to avoid directness. In a way, its kinda like respecting one another. You don’t go up to people and tell them what their problems are do you?”
Teacher “.., that’s my job I’m afraid.”
Bob “But what if you ease into it? Like get them to trust you first then be more direct”
Teacher “I have not met anyone who do not trust me”
Bob “…”
Teacher “People should be more direct about their feelings don’t you think?”
Bob “…I mean…yea….but ..I don’t understand. For example.. if you had a girlfriend, would you be direct with her? In this society, it’s all about indirectness, politeness, self-sacrifice that makes a good boyfriend right? A bad boyfriend would be direct and stand up to himself…rather than worship his girlfriend like some sort of a goddess”
Teacher “…Ewww, that’s disgusting. I rather have a girlfriend that accepts me for who I am, rather than me having to conform to her image of what a perfect boyfriend I should be”
Bob “…do those girls exist?”
Teacher “Of course they do…you just have to find it”
Bob “Have you found it yet?”
Teacher “haha no!!”
Bob “ neither.”
Teacher “Trust me…they do exist. You see, the universe works in a way that will give you what you want. So if you are specific about what you want, you will receive it. Most people really have no clues as to what kind of partners they want, and most people unconsciously end up choosing a girl that has a similar personality as their mother, which usually ends up in a disastrous relationship anyways
Bob “Are you sure??? I mean if you already knew what you want…how come you haven’t received it yet…and all the girls that you’ve come across these few years have been “awful..quoting you of course”
Teacher “Haha I never said they were awful. Well, because in the past I had a bad habit of choosing girls which I didn’t particular like, and thus the particular energy that I incured from this habit still exist. That’s why by constantly rejecting the girls which I would have foolishly chosen in the past, this particular energy will diminish, like a cycle becoming smaller and smaller until it dissipates entirely. Then….a girl that is suitablee ill come”
Bob “….but isn’t that the same as rejecting all the girls you don’t like until you find the right girl? All this talk about energy….I dunno, seems irrelevant really in the end”
Teacher “Umm…yea to an extent I guess”


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