Posted by: Jonjon | May 29, 2009

Bob and Teacher on acceptance and control

May 29 2009

Bob and Teacher on acceptance and control

Bob “Mum, I made some cakes”
Bob’s Mum “Hmm, I don’t eat cakes for breakfast.”
Bob “Why don’t you try one, it might suprise you”
Bob’s mum “…okay later”
Bob “Hmm, I think I will give these cakes to my friends”
Bob’s mum “Yeah? I thought you guys were going out for lunch?”
Bob “Yup”
Bob’s Brother “Woo, look at these cakes”
Bob’s mum “Bob just said that he will give these cakes to you and your girlfriend”
Bob “…”
Bob’s Brother “We’re not really into cakes…but I guess we’ll try..for Bob’s sake”
Bob “…….I never said I was going to give these cakes to you and your girlfriend”
Bob’s mum “..!! You shouldn’t have said…I was just trying to make you look good…but all well, you messed up”
Bob “….well I don’t really care who gets the cake..but in the end it’s my cake, so you shouldn’t be making decisions for me don’t you think?”
Bob’s mum “ok ok…you’re overreacting again…you could have told me”
Bob’s Brother “I mean..if you want can have it…we don’t need it..”
Bob “…It’s not that…man….you guys can have it”

Bob runs off to teacher

Bob “Man….sometimes I just find it hard to accept some people”
Teacher “Told you!!! have to learn to accept people”
Bob “Even when they are stupid?”
Teacher “Haha…..”
Bob “…”
Teacher “People are who they are…..”
Bob “…it’s just my relatives…they get on my nerves some time”
Teacher “Oh… not relatives! Even I find it impossible to be around them when I go back home to live with them from time to time”
Bob “But isn’t this our problem?”
Teacher “Well..yeah…you learn to accept people…but if their personality don’t match yours don’t you think it’s better not to stay together?”
Bob “Isn’t that cruel?! That’s a cruel thing to say don’t you think?? They are our parents….no matter what they do we should always accept them!”
Teacher “Yeah we should learn to accept them. But sometimes, it may help each other by not living together. You see, most of the time people only can see problems when they are outside a relationship. When they are inside a relationship, they are blind to the problems that exist, and usually they just end up not moving foward at all. My parents have moved foward quite a long way after I have left them and went out to live by myself.”
Bob “Really?”
Teacher “They learnt that they shouldn’t be too controlling and worrying about me all the time…well I guess it’s more like they learnt that there is no need to do those things anymore since I’m not around them… At least…they are admitting that they have some problems. Some parents think that they are loving their children by constantly controlling and worrying about them.”
Bob “Yeah I guess. My parents are always giving me alot of things that I don’t want, and when I complain they feel offended because their love is being rejected”
Teacher “you’ll find that they are giving you things that they “think” you want, rather than giving you things that you “want” If they don’t listen to your voice, it’s a sign of control…one of the learnings that you have too I’m afraid”
Bob “….what?? I don’t control people”
Teacher “You do”
Bob “…how?”
Teacher “You just do, you may even control me someday”
Bob “Why would I?”
Teacher “Just a thought…”

Poor Bob


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