Posted by: Jonjon | May 25, 2009

Michael and Teacher on Perfection

Michael and Teacher on Perfection

May 25 2009

Teacher “How was your day?”
Michael “Pretty good”
Teacher “Really? Are you sure?”
Michael “Umm……I’m not sad so…I’m just alright”
Teacher “Really?”
Michael “Yea, and you?”
Teacher “I’m good, always good”
Michael “Hmm..I don’t want to be rude…but when does teaching begin?”
Teacher “Begin? Teaching happens all the time”
Michael “What do you mean? You haven’t taught us anything yet..”
Teacher “You are surrounded by teachers aren’t you?”
Michael “You mean physically?? Spiritually? or just metaphorically?”
Teacher “All of those…. even your parents..your friends…can be your greatest teachers”
Michael “What do you mean?”
Teacher “People are most likely to get affected by their loved ones, or to someone that they are closest to. If you learn to observe your emotions during the day, as I have emphasised many times and you chose not to do, you will realise that you can learn alot from these kind of relationships”
Michael “You mean as to why they piss me off?”
Teacher “Something like that “
Michael “Doesn’t make much sense”
Teacher “You have to learn to take responsibility”
Michael “What responsibility?”
Teacher “Of your decisions etc…once you go out in the real world you will have to make many decisions”
Michael “You are skipping topics here….when does teaching begin?? All you do is criticise me”
Teacher “Haha”
Bob “Hey you two…what are you two talking about?”
Michael “I was just wondering when teaching will begin??”
Bob “Umm…aren’t we still waiting for the other students to get back?”
Michael “….which seems unlikely, since teacher pissed them off…I think I’m going to go find another teacher”
Bob “..really? Just stay a bit longer…”
Teacher “It’s his choice, that’s what he’s always done throughout his lifes….escape what he fears”
Michael “See….here he goes again, criticising me, without any justification. I’m not the type of person that you think I am”
Teacher “Haha”
Michael “That’s it..I’m leaving…. It’s just ludicrous….staying here to be criticised for the last past months whilst waiting for some students to come back which seems extremely unlikely. I’m going to find a teacher that shows at least an amount of respect for his students, rather than always jumping to conclusions because of his impatience”
Teacher “…’ll never find a perfect teacher…they don’t exist”
Michael “Well you’re certainly not one of them”
Teacher “Everyone is perfect the way they are….perfections don’t exist”
Michael “I need to move foward…I don’t want to sit still and do nothing”
Teacher “You are moving foward…everyday”
Michael “Bye”
Bob “…o…is he really gone now?”
Teacher “….he’ll be back”
Bob “..really?”
Teacher “Not sure”
Bob “Can you tell when?”
Teacher “Hmmmm, will meet again”


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