Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Teacher and Bob on Yoga

Teacher and Bob on Yoga

Bob “Hey, did you piss Michael off deliberately the other day in order to get him to not push so hard in yoga?”
Teacher “Hmm? He’s pissed off? At me? That’s ludicrous. I can’t even remember speaking to him”
Bob “It was only yesterday”
Teacher “Hmm…don’t know..maybe….I don’t care, not my problem”
Bob “ah I see. How do you know when you are doing a yoga pose right? I mean…’ve never really taught us. You’ve just showed us how each pose looked like and we mimicked them the best we can”
Teacher “haha..yeah…it was pretty entertaining to watch really”
Bob “When will you get into the details?”
Teacher “What details?”
Bob “I mean…the breathing, what we have to think…..the poses…stretching….. etc… “
Teacher “…well…you just know”
Bob “ you’re not going to get into the details?”
Teacher “What poses are you having problems with. Show me, I’ll help you out”
Bob “Umm…I don’t think I’m having problems with any one”
Teacher “Then why are you asking?”
Bob “I’m just not sure if I”m doing it right”
Teacher “Well, if it feels right then you’re doing it right”
Bob “Sometimes It doesn’t feel right”
Teacher “Then get it until it feels right. Perhaps the flexibility is not there yet”
Bob “Hmm….so …… it’s just a bit strange. I feel like I’m receiving more learning from a yoga cd made by David Swenson rather than from you”
Teacher “I’m always there to help you out if you need”
Bob “I guess”
Teacher “Teachers will always be there. I mean, when you do it, I’m sure your intuition usually guides you to the right places”
Bob “Really?”
Teacher “Just relax your mind when you are doing it. You usually open yourself up to guidance when you meditate or do yoga. You know what I mean?”
Bob “Well…I guess I always try to get into poses in a way that minimises injury…and I always know intuitively when I’m pushing myself too hard”
Teacher “There you go”
Bob “What…so… I don’t know, it’s kinda strange. You seem to be teaching us to teach ourselves?”
Teacher “Well…it’s up to you to reconnect with yourself”
Bob “…..I am really confused… … everything you say doesn’t seem to change anything does it….I mean any question I ask and any answer you give…is not going to change anything is it?”
Teacher “Umm.. you’ve got me a bit confused there. But just trust yourself, I guess that’s what I”m trying to get you to do”
Bob “Really?”
Teacher “Well, people have to trust themselves”
Bob “…so I guess I will have to invent my own yoga poses when I want to add more poses into my regime?”
Teacher “There will be none of that!!”
Bob “…hmm, when will you teach us new poses?”
Teacher “Well…I don’t have a place yet. I’m always happy to though”
Bob “How do you do a headstand?”
Teacher “What’s that?”
Bob “That pose that you do putting your head on the floor..I think it was called the kingfish”
Teacher “Kingfish? Hmm, I’ll show you next time. Although I’m smart, my head is not fit to be balanced on this concrete floor….yet”


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