Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Michael Confronts Teacher May 16 2009

Michael Confronts Teacher May 16 2009
Michael “…Umm……teacher….can you…teach me more yoga poses?”
Teacher “What!? Already?”
Michael “umm….Well…you know it’s been 3 weeks already. I think my body can cope with another one”
Teacher “haha”
Michael “And….?”
Teacher “Hmmm”
Michael “Whats wrong?”
Teacher “Nothing”
Michael “I mean if you have time can you teach me?”
Teacher “Well, you’re still young. You have many years ahead of you..there’s no need to rush things is there?”
Michael “Okay I guess

Michael Goes to Bob’s Place
Michael “Teacher refuses to teach me yoga”
Bob “why is that?”
Michael “He said that there’s no need to rush things”
Bob “umm…I have a yoga cd you can look at it if you want to learn from it”
Michael “I want the real deal you know…and I don’t think I’m rushing things”
Bob “Did you tell him that?”
Michael “No..”
Bob “Jesus Christ!!! You don’t really express your feelings out enough do you?”
Michael “ it’s just at the time, it felt right, you know maybe I am rushing things a bit, I’m not sure, I mean it doesn’t make much difference does it?”
Bob “What? I think you want to learn a new yoga pose”
Michael “Well..I want to…but if I”m rushing things…you know I don’t need to”
Bob “Be more decisive”
Michael “umm ..I really am not sure”
Bob “Tell you what. Think it over, and when you come to an answer, be decisive and stick with it”
Michael “yea I guess you’re right.. I am pretty pissed at the moment, I don’t think I’m rushing things…”

Michael Goes to Teacher’s Place
Teacher “Oh, you’re here again, what have you come here for ? to retrieve a certain amulet to cure your worries? ho ho ho”
Michael “No…I think I am not rushing things, and I want to learn a new yoga pose”
Teacher “Oh really ?”
Michael “Yes”
Teacher “You are impatient aren’t you”
Michael “In what way?”
Teacher “Haha , I was right again wasn’t I. You do rush into things….I told you many times. You are impatient…that’s why I haven’t taught you any new things, because you have to learn how to wait”
Michael “….whatever”

Michael Goes to Bob’s Place
Bob “’re back already!!!! did you learn any yoga poses?”
Michael “Stuff the teacher, I think I’m going to a yoga class to learn properly from a yoga teacher, he’s just toying with me”
Bob “What happened?”
Michael “Well, he laughed at me first, criticised me, and refused to teach me even though I took your advice and told him what I wanted”
Bob “yea that sounded a bit mean of him”
Michael “Why are you sticking with him? He’s ….I don’t know……..I can’t handle him any’s a bit too much”
Bob “Well….despite how annoying he could be, I don’t know..I think he has a good heart don’t you think?”
Michael “Well…that I can agree with you…he’s certainly not a bad guy”
Bob “And people with good hearts are pretty hard to find in my life…that’s why if he ends up being some kind of a charlatan, I think I can still be friends with him”
Michael “Yeah I guess, so should I go find a new teacher?”
Bob “I dunno, it’s your choice really. I have to admit, I have been in your situation quite a few times..”
Michael “Really?”
Bob “I mean don’t take it personally..he does it to everyone he meets because he’s who he is…and if you learn to accept that…it can open many doors for you. I mean…after accepting him, my heart became opened and now I feel that I can befriend people easier than people”
Michael “what did he do to you?”
Bob “Haha…you sound as if he raped me or anything…..he didn’t by the way. I mean….there were a few students here before I came, ….and he pissed them off….. I mean, if you can learn to accept something as ludicrous as him, I guess ….you will be able to accept more people into your life. And having an opened heart is certainly better than having a closed one”
Michael “I guess so. Man…you’re an optimistic person aren’t you.
But I want to accelerate faster. I feel like nothing is happening ….it’s just constant criticism everyday!”
Bob “Well, maybe you are a bit impatient, I’s only been a year…….”
Michael “Umm ….well, if the pattern keeps going like this I”m going to get no where”
Bob “Maybe you’re worrying a bit too much”
Michael “No I’m thinking ahead”
Bob “Well…if thinking ahead is affecting your happiness, I think it’s worrying”
Bob “And maybe you’re impatient too”
Michael “…Okay you’re starting to sound like him”
Bob “’s easier to see someone’s problem from the outside…I’m just saying it for your own good”
Michael “No…you’re just judging”
Bob “Well, it’d be judging if it affects my happiness……I’m just saying it objectively”
Michael “What? you can do that? ….You’re just playing around with words!!!!!! My english may not be as good as yours but you two are just being unfair on me”
Bob “Hmm….well on a good note, I think you have improved over the last couple of months”
Michael “Really? In what way?”
Bob “Well….I think you’ve forward quite a few steps during the last couple of months”
Michael “yea?? In what way?”
Bob “Well…you’ve become more expressive with your emotions….”
Michael “Thanks, I think you’re right”
Bob “Anger mostly”
Michael “Whatever……”


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