Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Michael And Teacher on Yoga May 16 2009

Michael And Teacher on Yoga May 16 2009


Michael “My knee feels a bit funny, think I twisted it whilst doing yoga”
Teacher “You push yourself too hard”
Michael “Not really..I was doing it lightly”
Teacher “Your impatience got the best of you, told you so!!!!”
Michael “…”
Teacher “I remembered when I used to do yoga… I would push myself so hard. I think I broke a knee once, but as usual I recovered quickly. Did I tell you the time that I scraped the skin off my foot in one of my dancing lessons?”
Michael ” You used to dance?”
Teacher “yeah..just for fun. I used to like disco, go to the pub every now and then to dance disco”
Michael “, serious?, .I didn’t know you went to those kind of places”
Teacher “No no..just to dance. I don’t like those places.

Michael goes to Bob’s House
Michael “Bob!!!”
Bob “Wow…you always just turn up without ringing beforehand don’t you”
Michael “..I’m not feeling very good today”
Bob “What… teacher pissing on you again?”
Michael “Something like that. Not only I twisted my knee in yoga…but I got criticised for something that I didn’t do! He said I pushed too hard but I didn’t!”
Bob “Haha………I think it might be a while until you will be finally able to accept him for who he is”
Michael “Well… I try to but it’s hard. I had to skip yoga this morning..and perhaps this week because my knee is twisted!!!”
Bob “…Don’t worry too might heal tommorow, who knows. I had a stuffy nose one night and then the next it disappeared just like that!”
Michael “Those are two different things, please take me seriously, I’m pretty down at the moment. Have you ever hurt yourself whilst doing yoga?”
Bob “No…because I have a thing that I do that prevents me from getting injured”
Michael “Really!? what’s that??!”
Bob “I don’t push myself too hard”
Michael “What!?!?”
Bob “Haha…..just playing with you.”
Michael “Maybe I”m just not going to get good in yoga. I’m not flexible, I can’t do the pranayama whatever you call it breath, I have no idea if I’m doing the locks right. And I just twisted my knee, I feel kinda worthless, as if I’m good for nothing”
Bob “No don’t say that……..some things take time”
Michael “But those girls..they just can virtually get into any yoga poses!! and those guys, …they seem to be always doing impossible balancing acts on their hands or head….whilst I got hurt when I was just trying to reach for my toes”
Bob “Well. Girls are loose, so they can get into positions easy”
Michael “Why ? why?????”
Bob “Well, I guess it comes when you are emotionally loose too. They usually let their emotions out like an uncontrolled frenzy, whilst guys tend to hold everything in, stiffing up all their joints etc”
Michael “That’s unfair, I want to be a woman”
Bob “But you are”
Michael “What?!”
Bob “Well….what I mean is that you are pretty much on your way on being a woman, seeing how much you complain about things”
Michael “…that hurt”
Bob “Well look on the bright side. Girls can get into positions easy. But they lack strength. They can’t hold poses for long…Even if they can, it won’t be long until their impatience set in anyways. And guys have an extra advantage over woman too”
Michael “What’s that?”
Bob “We don’t get pregnant”
Michael “..I don’t see the point ….”
Bob “…well… it can take years for your body to become flexible. Most of the time, it’s the “thinking too much” during the day that has you unconsciouslly stiffying up your mind and neck, that eventually affect your whole body. It’s what man do. Woman don’t have that problem”
Michael “Why?”
Bob “They don’t think”
Michael “….you are judging them a bit too severely aren’t you?”
Bob “Umm, well, what I mean is…I guess….umm nevermind. But Michael….the truth of the reality is that….some yoga poses can take years to master in order to prevent injury. You see, there are some muscles that we cannot develop by just walking and talking everyday. These muscles have to be developed through certain poses in order to avoid injury in others. The irony here is that, some of these poses may require you to excercise those certain undeveloped muscles thus leading to injury.
Michael “Hmmmmm……so what you are saying is that injury is inevitable?”
Bob “No no…. You’ll never get injured if you know your body well…and don’t push yourself too hard here and there. That’s probably what teacher wanted to tell you. He had hurt himself before, he probably criticised you in order to scare you out from pushing yourself too hard”
Michael “Really?”
Bob “I don’t know, ….I really really don’t know”


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