Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Michael And Bob on Vegetarian and AttachmentMay 16 2009

Michael And Bob on Attachment And Vegetarian May 16 2009


Michael “Bob you like curry don’t you?”
Bob “why do you say that”
Michael “Well….we always seem to get curry when we meet up with our teacher”
Bob “Well…..being a don’t get much choice do you… still eating meat?”
Michael “Yeah I am..I just don’t seem to understand why you have to become a vegetarian if you want to walk this path”
Bob “ makes the path easier to walk on”
Michael “Really? In what way? “
Bob “Well…….you shouldn’t think too much about it, it should come naturally”
Michael “Did it come naturally with you?”
Bob “Well…I liked meat, but was never really attached to it so I didn’t feel much when I gave it up..well…I do admit, I do get a bit more hungry from time to time because my stomach always felt empty at first”
Michael “..I wonder why people are vegetarians..hmm”
Bob “Well….umm.. Some people go vegetarians because they don’t want the animals getting hurt”
Michael “Haha…like that’s going to change”
Bob “well…those kind of people usually have nutritional deficiency compared to those who become vegetarians because they are health conscious”
Michael “Yeah I guess”
Bob “Some go vegetarians for religion”
Michael “Whats so wrong with meat?”
Bob “Well…you’re basically eating a corpse that once was living”
Michael “Isn’t that the same with vegetables?”
Bob “Yeah….I guess…but I wouldn’t call a dead vegetable a corpse…I guess the main difference is that Vegetables don’t have emotions”
Michael “Studies have shown that they do”
Bob “Dunno how to comment to that one. But I do what I feel is right. But I mean…if you were given an option to hurt a vegetable or an animal, I’m sure your heart will give you the right answer wouldn’t it?”
Michael “I guess”
Bob “And if you are so attached to eating meat, I guess it’s one more thing that you have to let go in this world right?”
Michael “Why is attachment bad?”
Bob “It makes you need it, which eventually will lead to suffering”
Michael “What? I can’t have what I need?”
Bob “Umm..the point I’m trying to make is…You can have everything you want when you need it”
Michael “Ahh…so I can eat meat when I don’t have attachment to it anymore?”
Bob “Umm…..You won’t feel like eating meat once you don’t have attachment to it anymore is more likely”
Michael “Why?”
Bob “You see, when your heart becomes more and more pure, you will begin to see things clearer. And somehow, it just doesn’t feel right eating meat anymore”
Michael “Really?”
Bob “Well, if I have the ability to show you how I feel..I would do it, but I’m sure you will gradually understand what I am saying”
Michael “What if say, our teacher, …accidently eats meat one day. Would all the effort that he has been making be lost?”
Bob “Hahaha…………… our teacher has been a vegetarian for a dozen years now….except for last month when I invited out for lunch. He asked me to order for him, and I ordered something that had meat in it by accident. You see, the pasta was vegetarian the last week, but this week they added some ham because they thought I’d like it!. He ate it! and we only realised that after he swalloed his first bite.
Michael “Haha really?”
Bob “Yeah…but you know….it doesn’t matter really. The point is …it’s all about will power. If you are willing, then it shouldn’t matter if you accidently eat a bit here and there from time to time.
Michael “Ahh I see”
Bob “And also…’s good to be ignorant too”
Michael “Whys that?”
Bob “Well…strictly speaking, curry is not vegetarian, neither is thai vegetable stir frys. I mean, thai food uses shrimp paste mostly, and curry has milk/butter/cream in it. Most chinese dishes use chicken powder etc etc.
Michael “What!?!?”
Bob “But I wouldn’t go tell that to my teacher who likes curry would I. I mean, …really, afterall, all restaurants make their food different, so if no one says it’s milk, then I say it’s not milk”
Michael “>….that’s a strange way of putting it..but I think I understand where you are coming from”
Bob “I wouldn’t really care. I mean I don’t want to have to worry each time I go out to have lunch. Worrying everyday is not how we are meant to live. I mean.. I think I’ve already let go of a few things. I can live on plain rice and plain vegetables and fruits as far as I am concerned, and I”m sure our teacher is wiser. Afterall…..happiness is most important. Some religions eat meat too and those kind of people have ascended so…
Michael “So what…I don’t have to be a vegetarian ?”
Bob “Do what your heart tells you to do”
Michael “I don’t know……..I really don’t know”
Bob “When I don’t know..I try…and if I don’t like it then I quit”
Michael “Yeah?”
Bob “But stick with it for a while, because changing your diet is like changing a habit. It’s a pretty hard thing to do”
Michael “Hmm I’ll think about it”


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