Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Bob talks with Teacher about impatience May 16 2009

Bob talks with Teacher about impatience May 16 2009


Bob “woah…went to my brother’s graduation ceremony. Knocked the wind right out of me really”
Teacher “Haha yea…I often escape from those things”
Bob “Boringness really is deadly isn’t it?”
Teacher “Yes…it makes people do stupid things…maybe you shouldn’t have gone”
Bob “Well I didn’t have a choice did I”
Teacher “We always have a choice”
Bob “But it’s my brother’s, I guess if it’s related to family, I’ll have to make some sacrifices even though the situation may bring unhappiness”
Teacher “Oh is that how it works?”
Bob “Yeah…”
Teacher “How long was it?”
Bob “6 hours!!!!!”
Teacher “Oh my god. that’s too long”
Bob “Yeah. Maybe it’s a personal thing”
Teacher “What is?”
Bob “Boringness…You know, maybe its because I am impatient that I just find it so boring”
Teacher “I told you!!! You never admitted, but you are impatient!!”
Bob “umm I don’t think you could have handled it too”
Teacher “yea…I guess..”
Bob “Hmm, Michael has been telling me bits and pieces about you recently”
Teacher “Yeah…he does worship me doesn’t he”
Bob “Umm..yea right. You’ve been pissing him off….was it deliberate?”
Teacher “….what was?”
Bob “Pissing him off”
Teacher “I have pissed him off? Haha…I didn’t know..well..I do….but doesn’t matter”
Bob “Haha..i thought you were pissing him off for some greater purpose or something”
Teacher “There’s always a purpose to things don’t you agree?”
Bob “Well…I still don’t understand the purpose of you liking woman with shaved heads”
Teacher “….they look more fit that way”
Bob “Well..people have preferences. Anyways, Bob is unhappy”
Teacher “Well…people are always getting pissed off aren’t they”
Bob “You don’t feel any guilt at all?”
Teacher “Why should I?”
Bob “Have you ever felt guilt?”
Teacher “No…’s never my problem. It’s theirs. People are just too sensitive at times”
Bob “Well…you’ve kinda pissed all your students away”
Teacher “They’ll be back”
Bob “Really?”
Teacher “Tell you the truth, it doesn’t seem like it, but they will come back”
Bob “Haha……well….you said that they will be back like 3 months ago…are you sure?”
Teacher “Well..things have a tendancy to drag on “
Bob “…Well…I hope Michael stays……..”
Teacher “He will stay”
Bob “Why?”
Teacher “He has nowhere else to go”
Bob “True”


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