Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Bob and Teacher on Woman May 16 2009

Bob and Teacher on Woman May 16 2009


Teacher “I can’t stand woman, can you?”
Bob “No…not really. Despite you having had a “million” relationships with women, I thought you would have changed”
Teacher “….Yea…but..”
Bob “Or do you treat women differently depending on the type of relationship you have with them?”
Teacher “Yeah…that’s the one. I mean, i’ve always been alright with sacrificing a bit here and there to please my girlfriend. But outside that area, I just find them so needy and they are never direct with you”
Bob “Direct?”
Teacher “Yeah….always dropping hints instead of being direct”
Bob “haha..maybe they just want sex and are too afraid to ask”
Teacher “That’s the one haha”
Bob “Haha seriously? I was just joking there”
Teacher “Well…usually they get pissed off when I say no to them after they ask for it. Usually that’s when the relationship ends”
Bob “Umm…who would’ve thought…”
Teacher “But I do miss them….ahh..those days”
Bob “haha do you still keep in contact with them?”
Teacher “With that?”
Bob “Cellphone..or internet”
Teacher “…What are these things?”
Bob “What you don’t know?”
Teacher “haha just kidding. I know…but I don’t use them”
Bob “What? then how do you keep in contact with people?”
Teacher “I don’t need to..they usually come to me when I send them”
Bob “Really?”
Teacher “I have an internal GPS system too”
Bob “serious? Can you show me?”
Teacher “Haha …you want proof don’t you”
Bob “Well…it doesn’t really affect anything, but yeah….I think I’d trust in the things that you talk about more if you show it to me”
Teacher “Haha…I guess it really comes down to trust…”
Bob “I do trust you..just that I’d like to see how it works..I feel like I”m always being kept in the dark”
Teacher “Well…don’t you think it’s good to be kept in the dark about these things?”
Bob “Not really”
Teacher “haha. Hmm..You should go get a girlfriend”
Bob “Umm…I don’t mind, I guess I’ll go with the flow..little cash on me at the moment, don’t want to go negative in my bank account”
Teacher “They are expensive aren’t they, especially the experienced ones”
Bob “Umm…yea…I guess”
Teacher “You know, I used to date this Italian woman. She used to be soooooo stubborn when she cooks. Like …this has to be baked for 30 minutes or that has to be 20 minutes. I always would yell at her that it wouldn’t make much difference and usually I’d just take over and cook whatever and turn out great”
Bob “Hahaha don’t you think you were a bit too controlling?”
Teacher “not really, I just didn’t want my dish to be overcooked”
Bob “..”
Teacher “maybe you should get into a relationship with a fat woman. Woo…that would suit you”
Bob “…Umm.. I don’t want to is that okay?”
Teacher “Well…it’s one of the inevitable things that is bound to happen in your life plan”
Bob “WHAT!?!?!??!!”
Teacher “Haha, just joking with you…maybe not..But seriously, You shouldn’t judge people on appearances
Bob “What? I don’t judge people as severely as you do. Why don’t you go get a skinny hairless girlfriend”
Teacher “I don’t want to”
Bob “But then wouldn’t you be judging?”
Teacher “It’s a personal preference”
Bob “umm…well…me too..”
Teacher “haha”


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