Posted by: Jonjon | May 16, 2009

Bob and Michael On Asserting yourself May 16 2009

Bob and Michael On Asserting yourself May 16 2009


Michael “That teacher really pisses me off, I don’t think I will stay here long”
Bob “Just hang in there, he pisses me off too”
Michael “He’s always jumping to conclusions isn’t he”
Bob “Yes he is”
Michael “I mean with all the predictions that he make, you’d think that he’d get it right with that 3rd eye of his, but he’s wrong most of the time”
Bob “Yeah…he’s always making pot shots isn’t he”
Michael “Worst thing is, he really does brag about it when he gets it once in a million…I’m a bit suspicious of this 3rd eye of his”
Bob “haha”
Michael “…I don’t know, I think I’m going to find a better teacher. I think he’s lying about his abilities…Have you actually seen him ..using any of his abilities?”
Bob “umm if by abilities you mean pissing people off..yes he does flaunt that ability alot”
Michael “No…I mean, know …the spiritual kind”
Bob “Well….he did say that I have too much energy in my head because I think too much”
Michael “Hmm, he said the same thing to me too!”
Bob “Haha, yea you do think a bit too much …”
Michael “Do you want to leave him and find a better teacher? I don’t know, I”m beginning to doubt him, and I don’t really trust in what he says anymore”
Bob “Well…..I don’t know…I always give people a fair chance. Even teachers have their own learnings that they have to deal with. I’ve judged people all of my life…I guess….and I know by experience that judgement can really blind your intuition. Teacher probably just going through a tough phase, we should just give him a break or something, stop bothering him and let him deal with his thing”
Michael “I don’t know…I just get so pissed off when he uses his “abilities” to judge who I am. I am certainly not who he thinks I am”
Bob “Well, have you said that to him yet?”
Michael “Well, …not really…”
Bob “Umm, you know I had the same problem as you are having. Whenever someone thought I was someone I was not, I was too scared to speak it out”
Michael “Yeah…and when you speak it out, people think you are overreacting don’t they”
Bob “Yeah. But the more you speak out, it will eventually become part of your personality, and people won’t take it as you overreacting anymore”
Michael “Really? Whys that?”
Bob “Well, I think people can sense anger quite easily. I guess, when we first assert ourselves, we always carry a bit of anger. But the more we do it, I think the anger subsides and people don’t pick up that kind of energy anymore”
Michael “Really does it work like that?”
Bob “Well, it’s just a theory really. I mean. It worked for me”
Michael “Hmm, let me try that on my teacher next time”
Bob “Haha, yeah…you’ll get plenty of chance to assert yourself when you speak to him”


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