Posted by: Jonjon | May 15, 2009

Teacher and Michael On Trust and Acceptance May 15 2009

Teacher and Michael On Trust and Acceptance May 15 2009

Michael “Oh great master, Bob just told me that I had a big Ego, is this true?”
Teacher “We all have egos”
Michael “Do you have an ego?”
Teacher “Not as big as yours”
Michael “That’s mean”
Teacher “Well, I can’t say everything just to please you”
Michael “Why do we have an ego?”
Teacher “Well, in the beginning, it was supposed to help with our learning”
Michael “Yea?”
Teacher “Yes”
Michael “Umm okay. I still dont’ think I have as a bit ego as Bob. Bob loves himself too much”
Teacher “Is loving oneself a wrong thing?”
Michael “Bob’s always arrogant, pisses me off from time to time”
Teacher “Haha yea, Bob sure is arrogant. But he is a loving being. I see no wrong in someone who loves himself. If he hurts no one, then why should it affect us?”
Michael “I don’t know…sometimes I just don’t believe in the words he say”
Teacher “You really are easily affected aren’t you”
Michael “What?……yea…I guess. But I’m human, I have emotions. Its only natural to react don’t you think? If I feel nothing..then won’t I just become stone cold?”
Teacher “Like Austin 3:16? I used to like him until I saw him yelling at someone when he got PUNKed by that guy from the 60s show, or was it 70s? can’t remember really”
Michael “What ? you watch TV?”
Teacher “I am human aren’t I? I get bored”
Michael “So you get affected to?”
Teacher “Of course I do”
Michael “So you react?”
Teacher “Yes”
Michael “So why do you tell me that I am affected in a way that I feel that it’s wrong to be affected?”
Teacher “Well, it’s natural to have reactions. But it’s not very healthy to have unnecessary negative emotions to things.
Michael “Ahh…what do you mean?”
Teacher “You really are clueless aren’t you. You see, your reaction to things in a negative way reflects the kind of learning that you carry.”
Michael “Like what? …Bob said if I truly knew myself I would be able to let go of these things”
Teacher “…well…Bob has a strange way of saying things. But since I have this magical 3rd eye of mine, I can tell you directly that your lack of trust in yourself has been causing you a great deal of suffering these days.
Michael “I trust myself. I never listen to the advice of others because I always trust myself that they are wrong”
Teacher “Well, you don’t have to go into two extremes really. You can trust others at the same time trust yourself can’t you?”
Michael “Yeah…I guess”
Teacher “And your lack of trust in other people are making other people not want to trust you
Michael “that sounded wise but …does it really work that way?”
Teacher “Yes it does”
Michael “really? I have to trust everyone?”
Teacher “Well you can just trust someone with some things, don’t have to trust them..completely, though we do eventually have to get to a point where we have to”
Michael “Ah…I’m still a bit clueless”
Teacher “I should put it in more clear terms. I guess you just have not accepted yourself for who you are yet”
Michael “Accepted myself?”
Teacher “Yes, if you accept the fact that you are who you are, then whatever people say to you shouldn’t matter would it..just laugh it off next time someone labels you the wrong way.
People just like to categorise people rather than getting to know them for who they are. My previous girlfriends always thought that they knew who I was, even though I told them right in their face that I don’t like to be controlled and I have strict rules on things. But somehow they always think they can change me, always seeing me as something else. You have to know who you are, and be strong. If you are soft and malleable, it’s just going to attract negative people into your life. Actually, I believe that you do label people to. People won’t label you if you don’t label them. You see, this is how this universe works.
Michael “Ahhhhh……….you speak clearer than Bob… You used to date?”
Teacher “Yes…women basically throw themselves at me”
Michael “Haha…aren’t you being arrogant”
Teacher “You’re labelling me.
Michael “’re labelling me!”
Teacher “hmmm in any case, it doesn’t affect my happiness, but does it affect yours?”
Michael “Hmm…”


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