Posted by: Jonjon | May 15, 2009

Bob and Teacher On Judgements May 15 2009

Bob and Teacher On Judgements May 15 2009

Teacher : “Bob I’ve decided to move out”
Bob : “Where? I thought you were supposed to stay until the end of the month?”
Teacher : “Well Bob, I”m sick of the abuse, and the things I have to put up with people, the suspicions and so fourth”
Bob “Where are you going to go?”
Teacher “I really don’t know, I’m not supposed to leave, but I’m sure you understand that there’s a time when you have to leave when there’s too much suffering”
Bob “What is there to suffer? Michelle? But she’s been avoiding you for 2 weeks already! Just hang in there for a few more weeks and your test will be over”
Teacher “Working for her is what I have to suffer. Everyone’s been telling me to do this and do that”
Bob “But isn’t that your job at the moment? I mean, you always have to do something in order to exchange for a place to stay”
Teacher “But there’s too much imbalance, it’s getting unfair..on me”
Bob “But they won’t tell you to stay if there is a reason to stay”
Teacher “I don’t know. I saw that I was supposed to leave 3 months ago, but it hasn’t happened yet, something is wrong, and I’m not going back on my decision this time”
Bob “Umm, are you sure? I’m sure we should trust them since they are more omni…whatever you call it than us”
Teacher “I believe that they want me to trust myself more than to rely on them for information, that’s why I’m going to make a decisive decision on leaving

At night, after Teacher leaves to a new place

Bob “how do you feel?”
Teacher “I feel great, I think I made the right choice. I felt my energy leave the place, and my replacement arrived on time too”
Bob “that’s good”
Teacher “But they made me stay a little extra longer before I could leave in order to throw a learning in”
Bob “What was that”
Teacher “..well, one of my secretary told me..that Michelle said that I begged to stay, but she just wouldn’t allow it! God, …..that’s just ludicrous don’t you think? Me Begging?!!!”
Bob “…haha…girls do that…don’t let it affect you”
Teacher “And then the secretary sent me a long e-mail about how she’s going to miss me. But it’s just rubbish. It’s all about her. All about how she’s going to miss me, and what she’s going to do without me etc, everything about her but nothing about me. And you know what…she even asked me to go drive to her house to teach her yoga!
Bob “Serious?”
Teacher “..Yeah…considering that I don’t have a car, she’s just using me, like she uses her friends. She has to learn how to give instead of taking from people everytime. You know what she said when she heard that we were going to have dinner together?”
Bob “What?”
Teacher “She asked why she wasn’t invited!!”
Bob “Haha”
Teacher “…I wouldn’t want her here”
Bob “Why is that?”
Teacher “She would be boring company, wouldn’t contribute to the conversation or anything….”
Bob “..err”
Teacher “And I wasn’t allowed to ask her”
Bob “Why?”
Teacher “Because she has to learn to ask directly instead of always throwing hints”
Bob “Oh”
Teacher “I’m so happy that I got out of that dump. The people that you have to put up with. They are always suspicious of you, and the landlord is always giving me a hard time”
Bob “But isn’t that your job?”
Teacher “I just can’t stand it”
Bob “..umm sorry to ask, but …’re a teacher, how come’re so affected by these things?”
Teacher “I’m not affected, …well…I just can’t stand people always judging”
Bob ” You actually judge quite a bit yourself too..”
Teacher “You, judge more than me”
Bob “No I don’t”
Teacher “You carry more judgement than me,”
Bob “I dunno, I may, but I always give people a fair chance rather than jumping to conclusions when I see them for the first time”
Teacher “…”
Bob “I mean you judged me as someone who I was not at first…so why would you get so reactive when someone judge you when you are constantly always judging others?”
Teacher “Well I judged you to bring out your learning…….and you judged me quite severely in your last life”
Bob “well…you may know all these things, but …we shall just focus on the present. I may carry many problems, but I’ve gone through the experience of having released this particular one so..”
Teacher “Haha, you’re too young, you too little of an experience in the real world than me.”
Bob “I dunno, maybe”

Bob wanted to say to his teacher something, but was scared of hurting his fragile feelings at a hard time like this

You see, Most of Bob’s friends mistreated him throughout his life, so despite him being young, he already has the experience and knowledge of knowing how to release judgement. There were several points in Bob’s life where he had to stop judging his friends for the wrongdoings that they have done unto him. Because judging them only made him sad and angry. He decided to do something instead of following the usual pattern that people adopt, and decided to accept that these people are who they are, and you cannot change them.

He wanted to tell his teacher that his learning of judgement is bringing too much suffering to him. Really, staying in that place wasn’t that bad. It’s natural to get treated in a way that you don’t deserve or expect . The truth is, very few people are selfless, and very few people really take the time to look at person to see who they really are. They are always biting the hand that feed them. It’s a horrible reality. By only accepting this, then you can be released from it, and be unaffected by the negativity that this world had to offer..even to the point of making jokes with the people that are trying to kill you. Anyways, if there’s too much suffering, you will always have a choice of whether or not to stay. The difference between the teacher and Bob was that the teacher played carefully in his youth when choosing the people to hang around with whilst Bob was did not make any choices, rather he let other people make the choice of whether or not to be his friends. As a result, in order to achieve some sort of learning, the teacher was placed in a situation where he had no choice but to be in a circle of bad people. Ah well, some people’s learning start young and some people’s learning start older. But no matter what, as long as you have the humility to accept that there may be a problem/learning that has to be done, then we shall see improvement.

It’s hard to have humility when you are so affected by the role that you play. In this case, the teacher may have to condescend and accept the advice from his student. Ah well, in reality, it’s not going to happen.


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