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Bob and Michael On letting Go and Acceptance May 15 2009

Bob and Michael On letting Go and Acceptance May 15 2009


Michael Rings Bob on his cellphone: “Heya Bob, have another question for you today, when you free today?”
Bob : “Umm I’m about to take my manly shower, can I ring you back later?”
Michael “When?”
Bob “Later”
Michael “Okay I”ll talk to you later then”
30 minutes later
Bob “Hey Michael, you want to meet up for lunch today? we can talk about the thing you want to talk about”
Michael “Sounds good, when?”
Bob “I don’t know, maybe…umm when do you think?”
Michael “I’m not sure”
Bob “Be decisive!”
Michael “Umm 12’o clock”
BOb “Okay, lets make it 12:15 outside the foodcourt”
Michael “Okay”
At 12:25
Bob rings Michael “where are you?”
Michael “I’ll arrive in a few minutes”
At 12:30
Bob “Hey Michael”
Michael “Hey Bob”
Whilst having lunch
Bob “Oh yeah what did you want to talk to me about?”
Michael “You know, I’ve been growing more and more sensitive to my emotions these days. I guess what I’m trying to say is that…I’m beginning to realise that there are some emotions that I pick up during the day that I can’t shake off.
Bob “Yeah? what are they?”
Michael “I don’t know, just when people treat me in an unfair way, I just can’t stop thinking about it, and in the end it drives me a bit crazy, even a bit angry at times”
Bob “Yeah, I’ve told you that you were easily affected”
Michael “Well…that was kinda unfair because you said that in a whole different context when I wasn’t affected”
Bob “yeah? but did me saying that kind of comment affect you?”
Michael “…yea I guess”
Bob “Well, there you go, you are easily affected”
Michael “How do I let go..of these emotions?”
Bob “Haha…you are sounding like a girl”
Michael “What? You get affected easily too!! “
Bob “Yea…I’m easily affected too. But the difference between me and you is..
Michael “What?”
Bob “I may react to more things than you, but I recover quicker”
Michael “…”
Bob “You see it comes with the experience of having dealt with many kind of people”
Michael “..”
Bob “You see, when I was going through the phase of not being able to create boundaries in my life, I allowed many bad people in to my life.
Michael “Whats your point? that I should do what you did?”
Bob “No….What I did was a mistake on my part. Now I don’t let people choose me, …I choose the people that I want to be close with”
Michael “But you made so much talk in the past about accepting people for who they are…you are literally contradicting yourself here”
Bob “Me? Contradict myself? No no…..accepting people and accepting people into your life are two different things.
Michael “ohhh..what do you mean by accepting them?”
Bob “Well, the friends that I used to hang around with wasn’t that great…they spread rumours around me..and were suspicious of my every move even though by nature I’m just a loving and giving person. Me having being labeled constantly everyday as someone that I wasn’t really affected me. But it wasn’t until i realised that, no matter what I did, and do, can change other people’s perception of me that I finally realised that the situation can never be changed from the ouside, but from the inside.”
Michael “From the inside?”
Bob “Well, I fell into the trap of thinking that by frustrating over the same issues might somehow resolve the problem…but it never did”
Michael “So what did you do?”
Bob “I did nothing”
Michael “what? ..”
Bob “Well, what I meant was…I tried to do nothing. The more I tried to not think about it, the stronger these emotions bothered me…and that’s when I found out that I had no control of my emotions whatsoever”
Michael “So what did you do?”
Bob “I tried to regain control”
Michael “How did you regain control?”
Bob “You are asking alot of questions today aren’t you? Just let me finish before you ask my little impatient cocoon”
Michael “Sorry”
Bob “In order to regain control of your emotions, you must know who you truly are. By doing this, you will come to realise why you react to certain things in a different way. You see, if I had trusted myself more, I would not have been so affected by other people’s comment of me. If I knew who I truly was, why would I even …care what people see me as? It’s not my responsibility really in the end to prove to the world who I am, it’s up to them to find the truth of the matter”

Michael “But, are you really sure that it’s not our own responsibility? I just feel that sometimes maybe its the way that I act and talk that lead people to think that I am a bad guy or something you know, maybe if I do something right or if I had more expression of myself….”
Bob “Haha, your english is getting more and more terrible. Anyways, I’m not saying that I am right…though I do believe that… But I do carry alot of self-hatred learning, and this is kinda like a double-edged sword since it makes me want to improve myself even more.
I always blame myself first and then the other people later. I initially saw that people saw me as someone that I wasn’t because I did not know truly who I was. To an extent, we do share a bit of a fault when people misperceive us. But, really, in truth, it’s not our fault at all. People just like to project their own personality and personal problems onto you. It’s something that you will just have to live with.
Michael “Ahhh, …I mean that knowledge you just shared with me helped me alot, but that still didn’t answer my question as to how can I let go of these emotions?”
Bob “Well……..I mean….it’s something that you have to find out yourself. I can’t really answer that for you, but rather to share my experience with you. You see, everyone is different”
Michael “Yeah?”
Bob “I mean…everything will sort itself out when you realise who you really are…and I guess I can help you with that”
Michael “Who am I ?”
Bob “Well, you are someone who has a huge ego to start off with”
Michael “No I don’t have a big ego…”
Bob “Whatever you say.”


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