Posted by: Jonjon | May 12, 2009

Difficult Topics – Love

Note..the following is a fictional story on the topic of love.

Situation 4 – Bob talks with his friend Michael…
Setting – At Bob’s garage
Time – Around 8pm at night
Invented words “jimagring = Mundane talk”

Michael :”Bob….what is love?”
Bob : “It’s something that we shouldn’t try to define, it’s too great and a vast topic”
Michael “umm Bob, I was just asking, you sound as if I’m looking up to you like a teacher or something, dude..chill out!”
Bob : “Just kidding with you…not really…actually Im about to drift off to another topic..woo..this is awkward..ah I’m back….anyways love to me is just a natural reaction to certain things and people in this world …, can’t define it really”
Michael “Yeah, just like your allergy to angry women, anyways, putting you aside Bob, I’m just going to talk about myself for now and you’re going to listen. Any advice from you I’m going to just ignore”
Bob “Wow that sounded a bit harsh.., guess you drank a bit too much alcohol today eh, you always sound egotistical when you do that”
Michael “…I don’t..and never drank before…..”
Bob “oh…anyways, lets get back on to the topic. I guess when I experience love with a certain thing, I want to have or i feel already that I have intimate connections with.
Michael “Yeah, that’s what I wanted to talk about with you Bob. You know …I feel like Im falling in love with this woman that I met at work another day…what was her name…Mary..Michelle??……umm…hmmm who cares, it should come back to me later”
Bob ” Umm, don’t you already have a girlfriend already?”
Michael “Yeah..I’ve been thinking……we are not restricted to just loving one thing in this world right?”
Bob “Umm…”
Michael “You know, god created us to be loving beings right?”
Bob “hmm..wait a minute…”
Michael “Everyone deserves to be loved right?”
Bob “..hoold on…”
Michael “Why shouldn’t I be able to love two girls at the same time?”
Bob “…..”
Michael “Bob?? are you listening?
Bob “Oh yeah..sorry..was yawning..what were you talking about?.. just drifted off there a bit, you see boringgggggness usually does that to me..”
Michael “that was mean”
Bob “Just kidding, just getting you back there for the harshness earlier”
Michael “that’s vengence isn’t it?”
Bob “If it’s harmless fun it shouldn’t be right?”
Michael “But you just hurt my heart for a bit there”
Bob “Just for a moment, Jeez grow up crybaby”
Michael “But that was wrong”
Bob “Well, there’s your answer…if you think it’s wrong to hurt someone’s feeling even if .. momentarily, then maybe you shouldn’t be dating that nameless friend of yours”
Michael “Ahhh, Bob… I see I see. Wow, though you’re fat and bald but you are clever”
Bob “Thank you happens when you do yoga..”
Michael “Really?”
Bob “….well…..I don’t want to brag..but..gurus do do a different form of advanced yoga so…….”
Michael “……whatever, you just worry and eat too much.
Bob ” ..I accept your ignorance and will not comment further”
Michae”But how come you hurt my feelings even though you knew it was the wrong thing to do
Bob “In this case it was different. It wasn’t the wrong thing to do”
Michael “Why?”
Bob “Because you deserved it”
Michael “Really?”
Bob “Just kidding!”
Michael “Phew! then why?”
Bob “Actually you did deserve it, I mean, it was for a greater purpose”
Michael “Ahhh…greater purpose…what’s that?”
Bob “Learning, my little broken-winged butterfly”
Michael “I see..I understand!, it was so simple yet….man, I am stupid aren’t I? “
Bob “No..not really, but yes, when compared to me”
Michael “.. “
Bob “Yeah, now lets quit this jimagring and plug that baby eagle into the amp and lets get rolling”
Michael “I think I’ll go for the classical guitar”
Bob “whatever noob, lets do it!”
Michael “C F G chords and maybe drop a little dominant G7 inside from time to time?”
Bob “That’s right baby”
Michael “we rock don’t we??”
Bob “by we, you meant I right?”
Michael “Awsome!”


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