Posted by: Jonjon | May 5, 2009

Asian – Hum Cheem Peang 9/10

Asian – Hum Cheem Peang Sponge 9/10

May 5 2009

55% water to flour
Dough = 120% prepared yeast dough, 66% sigar, 33% water, 4% baking soda, alkaline water. Filling = 50% salt, 50% five spice powder in total
Ingredients for Yeast Dough:
450gm plain flour 113
250ml water 50g
1. Sift flour onto table, add water gradually and knead into a smooth dough taking about 20 minutes.
2. Place dough into an oiled container, cover with a piece of damp cloth and put on the container lid.
3. Set aside for 48 hours for dough to ferment. (Dough will take a longer or shorter time to ferment depending on weather conditions). The dough is ready for use when it turns sourish.
Ingredients for Five-Spice Doughnuts:
450gm prepared yeast dough 113
250g sugar 50g
375gm plain flour 94
125ml water 31g
1 tbsp bicarbonate of soda ¼ tbsp
1/2 tsp alkaline water 1/8 tsp
Filling Ingredients:
1 tbsp salt ¼ Tbsp
1 tbsp five-spice powder ¼ Tbsp
a little water for brushing

1. Dissolve bicarbonate of soda in 125ml water and add to yeast dough. Add sugar and alkaline water and knead for 5 to 10 minutes.
2. Add sifted flour and knead well. Sprinkle top with some flour and cover with a piece of damp cloth. Set aside to proof for one hour or longer.
3. Sprinkle some flour on table top. Roll out dough into a rectangular sheet.
4. Sprinkle some five-spice powder and salt over dough. Dip brush in some water and brush over mixture lightly.
5. Roll dough up like swiss roll and cut into 2.5 cm slices. Flatten each piece into a thin round shape with a wooden roller.
6. Deep fry in hot oil till golden brown. Drain off excess oil on absorbent paper

When made thin, this had a very thin crispy texture like Asam Palik, a Malaysian flat crispy I had made before without the yeast. However, this pancake differed in that the side on the grill created a thin flat crispy layer whilst the other side rose up, with holes, and ended up very spongy. It didn’t really crispen when it went cold. With this version, only one side can be crispy. Because if you turn it to bake on the other side, the other side will soften from the heat. The pancake did not have much flavor of yeast, but it did have a nice alcoholic fragrance undertone.


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