Posted by: Jonjon | March 27, 2009

Asian – Buns – Cocktail Buns 9.5/10

Asian – Buns – Cocktail Buns 9.5/10

Dough = 14% sugar, salt, 2% yeast, 10$ egg, 29% warm milk, 29$ water roux, 7$ butter
Filling = 41% butter, 20% vanilla pudding powder or milk powder, 24% sugar, 13% coconut shreds
Topping = 19$ shortening, 12% butter, 24% icing sugar, 24% cake flour, 16% egg, bit of salt and sesame seeds
Filling 2 = 38% butter, 18% AP flour, 19% milk powder, 15% sugar, 7.5% coconut shreds.


* a: 285 g Bread flour, 95
42 g Sugar, 14
½ tsp Salt, 1/6tsp
6 g Dry active yeast 1g
* b: 30 g Egg, 10g
85 ml Warm milk, 28
84 g Water Roux Starter 28
* c: 22 g Butter 7.6g
• 60 g Butter, 20
• 30 g Vanilla pudding powder (or milk powder), 10
• 3 tbsp Sugar, 1tbsp
• 20 g Coconut shreds 7
Second Type Filling
奶油 150g 50
中筋麵粉 70g 23
奶粉 75g 25
細白糖 60g 20
椰絲 30g 10
• 30 g Shortening, 10
• 20 g Butter, 6.5
• 40 g Icing sugar, 19
• 40 g Cake flour, 19
• ½ pc Egg, 8.5g
• ¼ tsp Salt, Sesame seeds 1/12

Method / 做法:

1. Add dough ingredients (a) and (b) in a mixing bowl. Mix with dough hook at slow speed for 1 minute. Change to the medium speed, and continue to mix for 3 minutes until a dough forms. Add butter gradually and mix for approx. 5 minutes on medium speed until gluten is fully developed, i. e. elastic, smooth, non-sticky and leave from sides of mixing bowl.
2. Ferment the dough in a lightly greased plastic bag for 1 hour, Leave in a warm place until dough is double in volume. Punch the dough down to release gases produced in the fermenting process. Divide dough into 6 even portions and round up. Rest for 10 minutes.
3. Beat butter and sugar of the filling ingredients until creamy, blend in pudding powder and coconut shreds. Mix 2 kinds grease from the topping and then sift in the icing sugar. Combine well. Gradually add in egg and salt. Beat until well-combined. Sift cake flour into the mixture. Blend. Place the whole mixture in a pastry bag.
4. Press each portion into a round and place some stuffing in the middle of dough, seal the edge and shape each into the long shaped bun. Pipe the topping and drizzle the top with sesame seeds. Bake at 175C/350F for about 15 minutes.

Filling 1 was good. It was more liquid than filling 2, and more sweet and concentrated
Filling 2 was also good. It was like a mushed together filling. Both are as good, but I probably would prefer filling 2 as it was more traditional.
I baked the bread slightly longer, like 5 minutes in order to get a beautiful color on the crust. The dough itself was very very soft, so the water roux I made in the morning worked. The topping was very good. I just pasted a thin layer on the bun, and it made the crust crunchy at the same time sweet, just what I had hoped for. However, I used only 10% of the recipe’s amount for 3 medium sized doughs, and I have 90% of it left. So next time I will decrease on the topping.


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