Posted by: Jonjon | March 16, 2009

Asian – Vegan Miso Ramen 9/10 after modifications

Asian – Vegan Miso Ramen 9/10 after modifications

March 16 2009
ingredients (serves 2)

* Chinese noodles (Ramen noodle)
* 4 pieces Shitake mushroom (finely-chopped)
* 2 pieces red pepper (finely-chopped)
* 1 scallion (finely-chopped)
* 2 tablespoon ginger (finely-chopped)
* 1 garlic (finely-chopped)
* 2 tablespoon sesame oil
* 800 cc water
* A
o 1/2 package bean sprout
o 2 piece(sheets) cabbage
o 1/2 carrot
* B
o 4 tablespoon white sesame
o 4-6 tablespoon miso (adjust with your taste)
o salt, pepper (adjust with your taste)
* 1 scallion (finely-chopped)


1. In the pot, put sesame oil and sauté scallion, ginger, garlic until wilted with low heat (about 3-4 min). Add shiitake mushroom, and red pepper and saute about 1-2 min with low heat.
2. Add ingredients A and sauté them30 sec, and then add water. After water is boiled, add ingredients B and adjust taste.
3. Boil ramen noodle with separate pot, and drain water.
4. Place noodle in your bowl and add 2 (soup). If you like add scallion on the top.

The recipe tasted quite bland. However, after putting in some hot chilli oil, perhaps 50% more of miso, some shoyu sauce, this started to taste like restaurant style miso ramen. The saltiness increased as it cooled. I added some ginger, should have just added a bit because it became somewhat overpowering. I added around 13 pieces of cabbage, which kinda filled the whole pot. The cabbage tasted very nice, as it was the only vegetable that could soak up the broth and bring out the flavor.


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