Posted by: Jonjon | February 21, 2009

Bread – Dosa – plain – no butter milk 5/10 and dosa with buttermilk and fenugreek seeds 8/10

Bread – Dosa – plain – no butter milk 5/10
3 cups rice flour
1 cup Urad flour
salt to taste
water for the batter
oil for the griddle/Tava when making Dosas

1. Mix both flours and salt. Add enough water to make a soft, lump-free paste. Please make sure that it isn’t too runny.
2. Leave the batter to ferment for at least 8 hours or overnight. Once the batter rises, check the taste again for salt.

2. For making Dosas, heat a Tava. Pour a ladleful of the batter in the centre and spread it with the back of the ladle moving in concentric circles. Spread a few drops of oil at the edges of the Dosa. For step-by-step fotos, see here. Once the edges of the Dosa start *lifting themselves* from the Tava/griddle, slide a spatula beneath it, fold it in half and take it out.

If you want to serve it like the ‘Topi Dosa’ that they serve in Udupi restaurants in India, make one cut in the Dosa from the centre through to the edge. Fold it with both hands to make it look like a party hat. Like this.

Okay it did not ferment. But from the site apparently you have to leave it at room temperature, so I took it out of the fridge (where I tried fermenting it for the last 12 hours but no increase in bulk yet) and put it in the kitchen with a plastic wrap.
Without fermenting, it tasted quite bland. However, with fermenting, you get a bit of a more salty flavor, but nothing special. It did foam at room temperature. I tried to make my “paste” a bit watery but not runny

Bread – Dosa – Instant Dosa butter milk 8/10


* 8 teaspoons urad dal four 39.43
* 1/2 cup rice flour 118.30
* 1 cup buttermilk 236.59
* 1/2 teaspoon salt, more salt if needed 2.47
* 1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds 0.82
* vegetable oil


1Mix the urad dal flour and rice flour.

2 Slowly add in buttermilk until it drops from the spoon smoothly. A blender will ease this process.
3 Add salt and fenugreek seeds to taste.
4 Refrigerate batter overnight in an air-tight container.
5 Heat oil in pan. Pour the dosa into the pan quickly. Use the bottom of a ladle to spread it thin and GENTLY smooth it out in a circle motion. Too hard and you will tear the dosa.

I made butter milk by using 2 teaspoon per half cup of milk and just left it at room temperature for 20 minutes. On the day of making this, the dosa tasted a bit bland, no taste of fenugreek seeds or salt at all. After the next day, actually, on the 3rd day, you get this kinda chilli and salty flavor to it which made it really tasty. Make it as thin as possible and turn up the temperature to make it crispy. Don’t be afraid if there are gaps when you make your pancakes, I think the bubbled gaps on the pancakes should be natural, and allows the dosas to be cooked properly on the inside too. The high liquid content of this dosa makes it hard to get it crispy


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