Posted by: Jonjon | February 16, 2009

Asian – Soup Balls 湯圓 9/10 because it worked

Asian – Soup Balls湯圓 9/10 because it worked

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For 16 dumplings use 160g of glutinous rice flour so each one is 10g. Filling should also be 10g Pour ice cold water, around 200 – 250g of water Have to let it rest a bit For filling you can use chopped up rosemary (no stem just the leaves) with chocolate You need to boil for 5 – 15 minutes until it bloats up. It actually will float up. And then wait for a little bit more, adding cold water if the water starts boiling very vehemently. Actually you have to wait for the second boil to happen. And then put it in cold water so it holds shape and won’t stick to teeth.
Yeah, it worked.

Anywyas, for the filling I used about 10 grams of black sesame seeds to 10 grams of icing sugar since that was all I had left after I wasted my batch of sesame seeds. My sesame seeds were already cooked. Not knowing this, I cooked them a second time and it burnt them. Anyways to make a black sesame filling, you combine grinded sesame seeds with the same amount of icing sugar.

Then I had to add around half a teaspoon or more of olive oil in order to hold them together. It was as good as the ones that you get outside, but lacking the rich flavor of lard.

I also used chocolate and rosemary, and they were quite fragrant.

I was scared that I had filled the dumplings a bit too thin, but I wasn’t. In the end, I should have made the skin thinner than I should have, even though it had seemed hard at the time, it wasn’t. It was easy to amend mistake…you just patch a skin on and then roll it between your hands until it’s smooth. By the way, I let the water boil twice until these dumplings surfaced, then put them in cold water. The water wasn’t cold enough…so dumplings didn’t taste chewy. However, after putting them in the freezer, they were pretty chewy.

By the way, You don’t need that much water as prescribed. I added just a bit more water after it had formed a dough.


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