Posted by: Jonjon | February 8, 2009

Asian – Buns – Steamed Chinese buns 8.5/10

Asian – Buns – Steamed Chinese buns 8.5/10


* 200 g All-purpose flour 100g
* 1/8 tsp Salt 1/16
* ½ tsp Active dry yeast ¼ teaspoon
* 110 ml Lukewarm water (at 38C/100F) 55ml

Main Dough:

* 200 ml Milk (you can add in drops of food colouring if desired) 100ml
* 350 g All-purpose flour 175g
* 5 g Active dry yeast 2.5g
* 80 g Sugar 40g
* 100 g Prepared starter dough 50g
* 15 g Butter 7.5g


1. In a mixing bowl soften the dry yeast in the lukewarm water. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Mix till smooth. Cover with the greese-proof wrapper or wet towel and let stand at room temperature for about half an hour.
2. This recipe requires only 100 grams starter dough. Divide the rest of them into 2 portions and store in a fridge. Preferably use up the dough starter in a month before the yeast is still effective.
3. Mix together all the ingredients for the main dough except the butter. Knead to form a ball. Add in the butter and knead on a lightly floured board until the ball has become smooth and elastic. Cover with damp cloth. Let rise until double in bulk. Punch the dough down and divide them into small doughs, each about 80 grams. Form them into the desired shapes.
4. Let the buns rest for 20-30 minutes and steam over the middle heat for about 12 minutes. Leave the buns in the steamer for about 2 minutes before the serving.

Umm, I think I let these rose a bit too long so they were quite huge. After steaming them, (which took around 15-16minutes) (A way to tell if they are done or not is to press on them and see if they resist or not…if you can leave your fingerprints on the bun then they are still not cooked properly). I let them rise for about 45minutes because I had other things to do, and wow, did they rise. Instead of getting dense buns, I got superfluffy, chewy, and a bit sticky buns. They were still a bit sticky but not gooey, after cooling down. They did not have much taste of salt. Mainly the flavor is of sugar and milk, unlike the Hokkaido milky loaf which had a bread like texture to it…and also a bit of flakiness because it used a bit more butter. I also baked these, and they turned out alright…kinda like a drier version nevertheless still moist. By the way, I noticed that my buns increased in size around 1.5x during the steaming process.


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