Posted by: Jonjon | December 23, 2008

Mushroom Saute Pat’s 8.5/10

Mushroom Saute Pat’s

• 30 g butter
• 8 ml olive oil
• 8 ml balsamic vinegar
• 1 clove garlic, minced

• 0.2 g dried oregano
• 455 g button mushrooms, sliced


I changed
I just changed the portion of mushrooms to 140 and adjusted the proportion of the ingredients

Had no oregano 😦

How I prepared it.
Well, I followed the instructions, did not change much except proportions.

Problems encountered and learnt
-Umm, western people really do like to use a lot of butter in their dishes.
Variations that want to try
A bit more basalmic vinegar or cracked pepper or even, replace the butter with coconut milk.

-These mushrooms were very very good and very easy to make. Every year, I’ve always tried to use basalmic vinegar but it never went well on its own or with salads. But with this dish, it was perfect! I guess the butter and heat helped to distribute and dissipate the harshness bitterness of vinegar but still retaining the pungent aroma. This recipe is definitely worth keeping.


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