Posted by: Jonjon | December 13, 2008

Rest Is Healing

After the fasting experience, I have become more aware that resting is a very powerful healing tool.

Throughout life, we have accumulated toxic wastes/stress/disease/bad habits and so fourth into our body. Whether they are apparent or hidden from view, the body is always trying to heal itself. The body is smart, and usually attends to the disease that is the most urgent. What this means is that there will always be a queue of things to heal, and these matters will ever only be attended to when the most urgent matter has been resolved.

In order for the body to heal, the body needs to be at complete rest.
What is rest? It is complete inactivity. Sleeping is rest. Sleeping whilst worrying is not rest. Meditation is rest. Meditating whilst thinking is not rest. So the mind has to be completely calm for the body to rest in order to for the healing to happen. That is why we hear many teachers say “meditation is most effective when you bring the state into every second of your life.” Having a restful mind throughout the day will allow your body to heal. Healing not just happen at a physical level, but also at a mental level. Anger/Jealousy, and all other emotions are a threat to the health of the body. The body sees this as a disease. Thus when you allow the body to heal itself, you will experience many periods of happiness as your mind will be cleansed of all the nasty emotions.

That is why, I have decided to take afternoon rests. I can’t really take afternoon naps that well, because I usually worry when I take naps. When I’m in a sleepy state, I usually either fall asleep or my mind start to wonder. So when I rest, I make sure that I am in a meditative state. I make sure that my mind is calm, and I put rest as a priority. I make sure that I am awake, so I can make sure that my mind is calm. I do this even when I am tired, because if I do accidently fall into sleeping mode, I will fall into the sleep in a state of calmness which improves the healing process even further.

So every afternoon, when I have a chance, I just rest in bed for a while, and do absolutely nothing. This seemed like a boring thing to do at first. But it is not boring. Many things happen during this time. When you start to experience happiness the moment that calmness washes through your body whilst your body starts its healing, you won’t want to get up.

I always end my rest when I am fully recharged. When I get this feeling, I feel that there is no point lying there anymore because I have so much energy to spend. Usually if I don’t spend this energy throughout the day, I will either have a hard time sleeping at night or only require a few hours of sleep. So I usually do yoga after I take a rest.

Afternoon naps are a powerful thing if you can take it. I’ve always wondered why there are some people who can eat so much junk food and remain so healthy. By asking some questions, I realised that these people are usually pretty lazy. They like to rest alot, especially taking naps in the afternoons or chilling out in the sun or watching tv all day long.


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