Posted by: Jonjon | November 22, 2008

Be decisive in making your decisions

When you have finally put your foot down and choose to make decisions for yourself in this path of happiness, you will have to learn how to be decisive.

If you make a decision, be decisive about it. Don’t be the sort of person that makes the waitress stand next to you whilst you take 20 minutes to make your order, or constantly think about all the alternative dishes you could have ordered.

Indecisiveness is a sign of sadness. Yes, sadness has many friends that likes to dress up in different disguises.

The cause of indecisiveness is worry, and insecurity. It makes you worry about whether or not you have made the right choice. It destroys your focus on following through your decision, and scatter your thoughts into worrying about all the alternative possibilities.

Indecisiveness is also a sign of insecurity. You reason that if you do not worry about the decision you will make, or the decision that you have made, things may not be perfect. But the truth is that you are insecure. You feel unsafe in this world. It is a habit that you have picked up through your life. You worry that if you don’t worry nothing will ever go right.
But through experience, you will gradually learn that worrying does not make it better, it only makes a situation worse because you become less focused on actually completing it or enjoying the development of your decision.

Of course, when we are faced with a decision, contemplation is a wise decision, but worrying is not. You must know the difference between these two. How can we distinguish these two? Through experience and self-awareness.

For example, if you find yourself constantly thinking about something else, unable to focus on the thing that you are currently doing, then this is worrying, not contemplation. If you know that you will make a certain decision no matter what, and find yourself constantly worrying about it, that is not contemplation. Instead of worrying, accept the decision, and only think about it when you “decide to” That is the difference between contemplation and worrying.

Be decisive in what you do. Even if it is not an executive decision, make sure that worry does not hinder you from following it through. If you ordered a custard cheese pie *I know I never would* you would never be able to enjoy it if you are constantly worrying about not having ordered the apple pie. You will never enjoy the happiness of life if your thoughts are constantly scattered and not focused.

If you made a wrong decision. Learn from it, and don’t make the same one next time. It is this simple. There is no need to worry. Follow your intuition and heart as they are the same thing, and let them guide you into making the right decisions in your life. Be decisive.


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