Posted by: Jonjon | November 19, 2008

Happiness is Light, the more focused you are the happier you will be.

After scientists have devised of a way to measure the happiness of man by analyzing brain waves, there were tests done on monks to see how happy they were.

Surprisingly to the scientists, the brain waves from these monks exhibited signs of happiness that were so great that no partaking in any form of entertainment or drugs could reproduce.

There are many reasons as to why the Monks were a happier bunch than the rest of us, and one of them is “focus”
The scientists found that the monks had the ability to focus for a long period of time

Focus is one of the greatest attainment, and one of the hardest too for mankind. However, learning how to focus requires a healthy mind, and it is something that is hard have these days.

We live in a society where pollution and worries pervade the air and the food we eat, damaging our body and affecting our mind.

There are also so many other things that we pick up everyday that our mind can’t shake off, thus harming the mind. Someone might have said something that made you angry, or you just cannot accept that someone has just acted in a certain way.

After you feel these emotions, you proceed through your day because there are other things to do. You think you’d forget about them, and you do. But the truth is that you have just swept them under the rug. As days and days pass by, similar things happen and you react the same way. You begin to collect more and more rubbish under the rug until all of the bad things that you have collected into your mind over the years become embedded deep into your consciousness, compressed into a murky incomprehensibility. You begin to feel bad about yourself and the world, and have no clue as to why you are angry, or jealous, or controlling. All you know is how to react unhappily to the things occuring around, yet you have no idea that the things that happened during the day really was no big deal.

At a conscious level you may think that you are clear about things. You smile at your friends and think about how wonderful the next holiday trip will be. But every now and again when you are left to your own devices, you feel bad, and do not realise that it is the rubbish surfacing. People constantly tell you how controlling and angry you are, but you deny it. Your consciousness is now so clouded that you cannot even see who you really are. You may still smile through your days, but something is wrong deep down inside. You are not happy.

In order to become happy again, you have to work on yourself and understand why you react to certain situations in certain ways. In order to do this, you have to pull your sleeves up now and start working on yourself. You must reflect on the thoughts that come up in your mind everyday. At a subconscious level, there are thoughts that are constantly stirring nasty emotions that make you react and think in a certain way.

In order to remove these, we must dive down deep into our mind, and find the root cause of suffering. This is like digging for lost treasure. It may be hard to do at first, as your ego will defend itself by constantly telling you that it is going to be a lost cause, or giving you misdirections. But as you dig deeper and deeper, this is when you start building trust within yourself, and realise that you are actually getting closer and closer to the “true you” that has been buried in the depths of dirt for centuries.

But how could we possibly find the root cause if we are picking up new layers of garbage everyday?
The secret is focus. By focusing, and being aware of yourself in the present, it gives you the opportunity to reflect upon your reactions everytime you become affected by external things.

The monks are a clever bunch. They know that by secluding themselves in the mountains, they could avoid picking up bad things from work or people and work on themselves in a peaceful environment. Of course this option is not suitable for anyone, and it may not be the only reasons why monks seclude themselves.

Everyone has a different way of living life. The point is that, if you could somehow find a way to reflect your mind in a peaceful manner, then you could do it anywhere. Most people do meditation, which is one of the most effective ways of reflecting upon yourself. But most people do it wrongly and end up dwelling in their thoughts and end up in a bit of a mess so a proper teacher is advisable. Doing yoga also helps you become more focused during the day.

If you tell me that you can focus on your job and tasks pretty well. Then I would tell you that does not necessarily mean that you are a focused person. It takes less of energy to focus on something that you enjoy or need to do, however it takes alot more of a focus energy on something that has neutrality. Try to concentrate on a particular point, and realise how many thoughts arise as you do this. I got a friend to do it once and he found it to be a “dying experience” because all the bad emotions started surfacing.
By the way, he was no even aware of what was happening to him, all he could was say that he “could not concentrate” and “could not stop being distracted by thoughts”
The truth is, these are the surface thoughts created by unresolved emotions within him.
Anyways, I felt bad, because I think the experience was too scary for him so he stopped it. I don’t expect someone who drinks and smokes to change their life within a week. But we could have started it out easier, like say 5 minutes a day as I suggested but for experimental reasons we started out with 25minutes.
It is natural for someone to face such pain when they start out, because the wounds inside them that have been left untouched for so long is now being attended to. If my friend had taken it easy and worked on healing his inner wound bit by bit, then he would have kept at it and the experience would eventually become a much much happier experience.

If you want to learn how to meditate, attending a class and doing it in moderation at first is beneficial. The most benefit comes when you begin to trust that it will help you, and do it long-term.

Happiness is something that comes within you. You can never enjoy happiness if your mind is clouded by unresolved issues and emotions. In order to deal with these, you have to increase your awareness of yourself. And in order to achieve this you must learn how to be focused. Learning how to be focussed allow you to plant your foot firmly onto the ground when you deal with challenges in life, and when the root is firm, the you will never be washed away by the flood of emotions. Do not focus on what will happen and what has just happened. This is “worrying” and “not letting go”. Even if the present seems ugly for you, this is where happiness dwells.
The truth is never uglier than a beautiful lie.


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